Bright [Baby] on a Budget: 4 Baby Must-Haves for New Mommies

I’ve had a lot of request for baby-related posts, so here’s the first.  As some of you may know, I have a 9 1/2 month old son.   Motherhood has been interesting to the say the least, especially juggling a full-time job outside of the home and grad school.

Newborn Kane- June 2013.
Another wonderful picture by Dakota Maynard Photography.

While we LOVE Kane’s daycare, it’s not cheap–our monthly daycare expense equates a mortgage payment or a really, really nice car payment.  So I’ve taken the same approach to baby budgeting that I have with everything else–I strive to find good deals on high-quality items. Below are 4 useful items at GREAT prices that I think every mommy should register for/buy!
1.  Snuza Go/Levana Oma Baby Monitor- Amazon (click picture for link to product).

I stumbled upon the Snuza when I was searching for a way to utilize my Angelcare monitor with the bassinet part of a Pack ‘N Play/playard.  Long-story short, you can’t use an Angelcare monitor with anything other than a crib or the main bottom of a Pack ‘N Play.  When reading up on it, though, several people mentioned a Snuza monitor.  The Snuza monitor is recommended to be clipped on a baby’s diaper, and it’s monitors their breathing.  It sounds an alarm if they stop breathing, just like the Angelcare monitor does, but it is VERY portable.  In addition to a diaper, this can be clipped to the baby’s pants or a restraint, like with the one in a Rock ‘N Play Sleeper or in a carseat!  This is my #1 must-have product!  Also, some models of the  Snuza/Levana can often cost over $100, so this is a great deal at $69.99!  If you don’t care to have a used one, keep an eye on eBay.  I found mine for around $35!

    Levana Oma powered by Snuza
    $69.99 at

2.   Boppy Pillow– Babies ‘R Us.  

Boppy pillows have multiple uses.  They are great in the beginning for helping daddies gain confidence holding the baby and lending support to mommies who are breastfeeding and/or had a c-section.  As baby grows, they’re great for tummy time and helping baby to learn to sit up.

While Boppy Pillows are regularly priced $39.99 with a standard cover  (different pillow and cover combinations can be more expensive) and only $29.99 without a cover, you can actually score this pillow for much cheaper using the BRIGHTip below.

BRIGHTIP:  Whenever purchasing from Babies ‘R Us, it is important to maximize your savings by knowing their policies.  First, Babies ‘R Us will price match some competitors, including some online competitors (read price match policy here).  Second, my local Babies ‘R Us also accepts Buy Buy Baby coupons that are not expired, which are typically for 20% off any regular-priced item or $5 off a $15 purchase.  Third, you can combine coupons to maximize your savings–I’ve been told by my Babies ‘R Us that they can accept one coupon on a specific item and one coupon off total purchase for the same transaction.  For example, on the Boppy Pillow, I would try to use a 20% off Babies ‘R Us + a $5 off $15 Buy Buy Baby coupon, making the pillow with cover (reg. $39.99) $26.99 after all discounts.  Be sure to check with your local Babies ‘R Us to verify their coupon policy.  At the very least, you can use a 20% Babies ‘R Us coupon (one usually prints out with your receipt from a prior purchase or you can sometimes get them via email) to get the Boppy pillow for $31.99.

3. Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘N Play SleeperBabies ‘R Us.

Kane slept in a Rock ‘N Play Sleeper for the first 7 1/2 months of his life (note that all babies are different, so it’s important to check the weight restrictions published by the manufacturer).  I breastfeed, so this was super handy to sit right beside the bed at night.  It was also great to move around the house, especially to put in the bathroom so you can get a nice relaxing bath or hot shower without having to worry about baby.  Finally, we travel a lot, and this easily folds up without taking up a lot of space in the car.  The sleeper works great in conjunction with the Snuza, and I slept much easier at night using the two of them together!  This is now my go-to shower gift for expecting moms!

You can actually get a great deal on the sleeper using the BRIGHTip above.  It’s currently on sale for $49.99, so some coupons will not apply, but you can go to the front desk and ask if they will do the discounts off the regular full price ($54.99 in store) of the item.  That would put the sleeper at $43.99 if you use a 20% off coupon, or lower if you can stack the coupons!

Kane soon after he came home from the hospital.
He had a touch of jaundice, so we were making sure he got some sunlight.

Rock ‘N Play in the bathroom.  Sox was trying to figure
out what sort of creature we’d brought home.

    Rock ‘N Play + Snuza.

    4. Fisher-Price Kick N Play Piano Gym– Amazon (click picture for link to product).

    Kane LOVES the Kick N Play Piano Gym.  We started using it with him when he was 2 1/2 weeks old.  The great thing about this is that a baby doesn’t have to be very interactive to play with and enjoy this gym.  Most babies kick a lot, and you just have to position them down low enough to where their feet hits the piano.  Four toys + a mirror hang from the arch, and the arch can be repositioned down low for tummy time.  Additionally, when baby starts to sit up, the piano can be flipped up so they have a new way to play!  This is a great way to distract a fussy baby and let them wind down for a nap!  

    Amazon has an amazing deal for this at only $33.99!

    Fisher-Price Kick N Play Piano Gym
    $33.99 at

    I truly consider all 4 of these items as must-haves for baby!  If you’re an expecting mom or someone looking for a great shower gift at an awesome price, you should definitely put these items at the top of your list!

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