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Hi, my name’s Tif.  Welcome to my new blog, Bright on a Budget!  Since this is the first post, I figured I would give you a little background about me and a preview of what to expect from my blog.

This is me!  Warning: Photos are only this great when
Dakota takes them.
I grew up in a small town in eastern Kentucky.  I worked my way through undergrad at Pikeville College, spent three years in law school at UK (GO CATS!!!), and am now getting my MBA at Morehead State while working full-time.  I am a new mom and an amazing wife (regardless of what my husband says about my cooking, cleaning, or anything else housewife-related).   
This is Kane.  Yes, he’s that adorable in real life.
As I worked my way through college and law school, I learned a couple of things: budgeting did NOT have to equal boring, and thrifty CAN be trendy.  It’s not how much money you have–it’s how you use it.  I like nice things, but I never pay full price!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved a good deal–okay, I take that back–a REALLY good deal!  Sometimes I just happen upon an awesome sale, but other times I watch items like a hawk to get them for the price I’m willing to pay.  I set a price point in my head and stick to it!  I apply this philosophy to everything, from beauty to baby, hair to home decor, and style to saving in general, and now I want to share my philosophy with you!

Being bright on a budget can work for anybody, regardless of what your budget is.  It’s a way of life, and that’s what I’ll be sharing on this blog.  To start off, I’ll show you how you can do a simple budget that won’t intimidate you.  When you’re busy, you don’t have time to sit down and balance a checkbook everyday, or count every dime, so you need something that’s easy and workable.

I’ll share tips for how to get a great manicure without going to the salon and how to do your own flower arrangements (yes, even wedding flowers!).

There will be posts about how to pair cheaper but trendy accessories with basic outfits to transform your look–you can never go wrong with a white shirt and bright scarf, like my picture above.  BTW, that scarf was $2 on clearance.

Babies are expensive, so I’ll share my favorite baby items that are affordable.  I highly recommend the Snuza for any new moms out there, or if you have a baby shower to buy for.  Amazon has a great discount on it right now!

And makeup.  We’ll talk about what items you should splurge for at the beauty counter and which items you should save and buy at the drugstore/discount store.  Below is a great deal that I got in the mail today!  When I find deals like these, you can be sure that I’ll let you know ASAP because deals like these sell out fast.

Target Beauty Box.  $5!  Contains my favorite brand of
drugstore mascara (L’Oreal Voluminous).  I think it’s sold
 out now, but you can check here.

Right now, Ulta  has their 21 Days of Beauty Sale going on, where they have amazing one-day deals on prestige cosmetics.  Deals I recommend are:

          ***I think the limit is 2 products per customer, but these products at these prices are worth       stocking up on***

I hope this has given you a good overview of what to expect.  I’ll always be willing to share good deals that I find, so be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Feel free to leave a comment below or email me at brightonabudget@gmail.com with questions or comments.


Nice to meet you!

Hi there! I’m Tif Fannin, the blogger behind Bright on a Budget, based in Lexington, Kentucky. Bright on a Budget is a Southern fashion and lifestyle blog where I share everyday looks, beauty, and travel, along with a behind-the-scenes look at my life as a working mom of two. I have a penchant for bright colors + good deals. Follow along for posts that are relatable to the everyday woman.

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  1. 3.18.14

    Awesome first post with some awesome deals! I can't wait to see what will be on here next!

  2. 3.18.14

    Love it, Tif! I'm excited to see your upcoming posts!

  3. 3.19.14
    ARH said:

    Awesome! Let me know if the beauty box comes back in stock 🙂

  4. 3.20.14
    Tif said:

    Thanks, girls!

    ARH, if I see the BB back in stock, I'll be sure to let you know!