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I firmly believe that good makeup brushes are a game-changing when it comes to applying makeup. And I know that makeup brushes can last a long time, but I flat out refuse to pay $20+ for 1 makeup brush.  Call me crazy, but I got better things to spend that much money on (like actual makeup, or bills).

At the same time, I hate cheap makeup brushes.  Those cheap eye makeup applicators are the 1st thing that goes in the trash if they come with eye shadow.  I would cull a decent brush here and there from a nice makeup set, like Bare Minerals or Bobbi Brown, and then I would buy some cheaper ones, like Eco Tools from Ulta (I wasn’t impressed).

So I set out to find a good in-between makeup brush set–quality without the name brand price.  That’s when I found Sonia Kashuk brushes at Target.  They’re perfect for makeup artist on a budget:)  I started out with the Sonia Kashuk Essential Eye Kit (similar to this one, but in white) for $10 or $11 and loved all of the brushes!  When I got in my Target Beauty Box (sold out), it had a $3 coupon off any $15 beauty purchase.  I thought about what to use it on, and decided to expand my makeup brushes collection.

Left to Right: Powder/blush brush, eye shadow brush (for all-over color),
crease brush, synthetic concealer brush, and angled eye liner brush.

This is the Sonia Kashuk Proudly Pink 5 Piece Brush Set for $15.99 + tax.  After my $3 off coupon, I only paid $12.99 for this brush set, which is awesome.  For those of you who didn’t luck into the Target Beauty Box, keep a check on the coupons portion of their website or their Cartwheel app to catch similar savings.  (Please note: this set is pictured in slightly different colors online.  I just purchased this set in-store last week.)

Left to right: Powder/blush brush, synthetic concealer brush, eye shadow
brush, crease brush, and angled eye liner brush.

I think that to have a comprehensive brush set, you should have: 2 good eye shadow brushes–1 for all-over color and 1 for your crease, a good blush brush for blush, highlighter, and bronzer, and a good kabuki brush to apply powder foundation with (not pictured).  This set has the 3 most important ones: (1) powder/blush brush, (2) eyeshadow brush, and (3) crease brush.

Plus it comes with this cute clutch!

Overall, I really like Sonia Kashuk brushes, but I especially like this set!  It’s definitely a bright deal for your budget!  The brushes are good quality, and from my prior experience, they hold up well.  I used this when I did my makeup today, and they felt so soft against my face!

If this set is still a little more then you’d like to spend out of your budget, then below are some more affordable options that I think would probably work just as well from Target’s Up & Up line.

Left to right:
1. Complexion brush set- blush/foundation/concealer/finishing, $11.39 (on sale) at Target.
2. Mineral brush set- powder/concealer/shadow/blush, $9.99 at Target.
3. Eye brush set- shadow/smudging/crease/shading, $5.99 at Target (similar).

Having great brushes can really take your makeup to the next level as they do a better job of blending and shading, and make application smoother overall!

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