Bright [or Neutral Nail Polish] on a Budget + a Giveaway

This weekend, we talked about how to get a great salon-like manicure at home (how’s that for saving money in your budget?!).  I promised two things in that blog: 1.) that I would tell you how to save money on nail polish and 2.)  a giveaway!  Well, I’m delivering on both of those promises and throwing in some suggestions for cute nail polish colors in-between.  Don’t forget to enter the BRIGHT Giveaway at the end of the post !

BRIGHBudgeting: How to Save on Nail Polish

A lot of my advice for how to save money on nail polish is brand-specific.  Some of my favorite brands are Essie, OPI, Zoya, Avon, Sally Hansen, and Color Club.

1. Essie.  I always buy Essie from Ulta because I can combine Ulta’s weekly store coupon (usually $3.50 off $10) with any promotions they are running, such as buy 2, get 1 free on Essie.  Essie sells for $8.50/bottle at Ulta, so with a buy 2, get 1 free + coupon scenario at Ulta, you would only pay $13.50 for 3 bottles of Essie polish (normally $25.50, for $12 in savings).  Or, if it’s a new release of shades and a buy 2, get 1 free promo isn’t running, I tend to purchase the 4-piece mini cube.  These are $17, but if you use the coupon, you can get a mini cube for $13.50.  If you’re just looking for 1 bottle of polish, buy a pack of q-tips, cotton balls, nail files, etc. to get you to the $10 mark so you can still use the $3.50 coupon!

Left to Right
1. Essie Who’s She Read (sold on Amazon)
2. Essie Cute as a Button
3. Zoya Lola
4. Avon MegaWatt in Electric, discontinued, but similar to
AvonNailwear Pro+ in Orchid Splash, part of the giveaway below!

2. OPI.  I also purchase OPI from Ulta, using the same strategies I do for Essie nail polish.  OPI is $9/bottle, so please take that into account when doing cost calculations.  OPI’s 4-pack mini kits are only $12.95 though, so you can get those for $9.45 after coupon!  The mini kits really are a great option for new colors that you love but will never wear enough to use the full bottle.

3.  Zoya.  Ulta sells Zoya, so you can use the same strategies that are listed above for Essie and OPI to score some Zoya.  Zoya’s website, however, runs some amazing deals from time-to-time.  I highly recommend liking their Facebook page to stay up-to-date on their promotions!  They run some deals just for their Facebook friends.  I’ve ordered several times when you got nail polish for free and you had to just pay shipping.

Left to Right, 2 of my favorite neutrals!
1. Essie Chinchilly
2. Essie Allure (sold on Amazon), only $5.15!

4. Avon.  Avon always runs different specials on their nail polish, so sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re getting the best price.  While I keep an eye on their prices myself to get a feel for when to buy or when to wait for a better deal, it also helps to have a knowledgable Avon representative who will let you know when you’re getting a good deal.  My friend Amy is an Avon Independent Representative, and she’s always great to shoot me a message when their polish (and other stuff I like) hits a good price-point.  She is actually sponsoring the giveaway below, so be sure to check out her Facebook page!

5. Sally Hansen and other drugstore/discount store brands.  Always check your Sunday paper,, and SmartSource for coupons that you can apply to these brands.  Ulta sells these brands, and often runs AMAZING promotions on them, so you can always combine those promotions with the $3.50 off $10 coupon, plus any manufacturer coupons to get great deals!  If you don’t live near an Ulta, keep your eyes on Rite Aid or another drugstore’s ads to catch them on sale, and try to combine that deal with a manufacturer’s coupon.

1. Essie Naughty Nautical
2. Essie Turquoise and Caicos
3. Essie Lapis of Luxury
4. OPI Planks a Lot (sold on Amazon)

5. Dupes– Dupes in this sense are nail polish colors from other brands that are very similar. Say you really like Essie’s Turquoise and Caicos shade, but you don’t want to pay that much for a nail polish.  You just google the brand and shade, plus the word “dupe” (for example: “Essie Turquoise and Caicos dupe”).  This will bring up some cheaper options for you that are very similar in color!

6. Amazon & eBay– If you’re looking for a single color, especially a discontinued one like Essie Allure (above), always check Amazon and eBay.  The deals might just surprise you!


My friend Amy is an Avon Independent Representative, and she’s sponsoring the giveaway below.  I’m not going to lie, she’s pretty awesome.  She’s the one who hooked me up with the awesome nail polish featured here.  While that polish is sold out, Amy has found a similar one to give away, along with some other goodies.   (NOTE: Radiant Orchid is Pantone’s Color of the Year, and this nails it!) You don’t have to like and share a post on Facebook to win- just follow the instructions below!  It’s pretty simple.  Good luck!

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