Bright [Spring Jewelry] on a Budget

Let’s be honest (if you can’t be honest with your readers, who can you be honest with?).  I am relatively cheap, and I just can’t bring myself to pay a lot of money for costume/fashion jewelry.  For example, why would I pay $80+ for a costume jewelry necklace when I can purchase something in sterling silver from Tiffany’s for that price?!  Plus, most costume jewelry only stays in style for a little while.  Here’s some of my recent finds and tips on how to be brighon a budget when it comes to fashion jewelry shopping!
Vibrant Floral Bib Necklace in Teal.  Forever 21, $11.80.

Bright Budget Pointers for Buying Costume/Fashion Jewelry 

  • Always pick a maximum price point and stick to it.  My price points are: $18 for a necklace, $10 for earrings, and $10 for a bracelet.

All from Versona Accessories (in store).
1. Aqua mint bracelet.  $7.99.
2. Yellow earrings and mint earrings.  $5.99 each.
3. Pale yellow and periwinkle bangles.  $1.99 each clearance.
4. Pink and silver earrings.  $7.99
  • Be judicious about what jewelry you buy–it’s not budgeting if you buy everything in sight, no matter how cheap!  Clearance does NOT equal automatic buy!  My favorite stores to snag awesome deals on costume/fashion jewelry are Versona Accessories (in-store only), Charming Charlie, and Forever 21.
1. Necklace & earrings set.  Versona Accessories (in store), $5.99 clearance.
Round ivory earrings, $2.
2. Factory Neon Petal Drop Earrings.  J. Crew Factory, snagged for $7.60 on sale last week,
currently $17.00.  Keep a watch for this item to go lower in price again!
3. Pink dot drop earrings.  Charming Charlie (in store), $2.99  clearance.
4. Mini bubble necklace.  Walmart (in store), $5.00.

  • Statement jewelry is in big right now.  It can really brighten-up a neutral outfit or revitalize an old one!  Look for statement jewelry pieces that can go with a multitude of outfits, and you’ll get more bright bang for your buck!  For example, the jewelry below could be worn with a simple crew-neck t-shirt or with a super nice dress–the possibilities are endless!
1. Multi-color earrings.  Versona Accessories (in store), $7.99.
2. Statement necklace in pink and orange.  Versona Accessories (in store), $14.99.

Costume/fashion jewelry is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to brighten up your outfit and re-energize your wardrobe for spring.  If you only had $25 to spend on a wardrobe refresh for spring, I would spend it on several pieces of costume/fashion jewelry that you could swap between outfits!

If you’re looking to add some awesome (but cheap) clothes to your spring line-up, check out my post here.

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