Bright [Wardrobe] on a Budget : Cheap Spring Updates

We have had such beautiful weather lately, if you disregard the nasty weather today (feel free to ignore it–I currently am).  Every time the seasons start to change, it makes me what to buy a whole new wardrobe. . . but this blog isn’t called BRIGHT on a budget for nothing!  I can’t resist buying some new pieces, though, so I ventured out shopping this weekend.  

I have built up a pretty good collection of shorts and crop pants that I’ve found on sale, and I try to buy stuff that will carry through for a couple of years fashion-wise.  If you don’t have some bright colored shorts or crop pants, try to pick up a pair in your favorite color to be on-trend this spring and summer.  Because of this, I tried to pick up a couple of shirts and some accessories to mix into my current wardrobe that would give me some BRIGHTness without spending a lot of money.  When picking cheap updates to your spring/summer wardrobe, don’t buy something you already have– focus on pieces that are different and BRIGHT that you can add into your rotation.  If you can just wear a piece with one specific outfit, don’t buy it!

I made 2 quick stops in New York & Company and Rue 21.  Rue 21 is not a store that’s regularly in my rotation, but my friend Della has a shirt from there that I like so I decided to stop in and see what I could find.

The shoes and necklace would also look great with a plain t-shirt or a dress!
Shirt: NY&C, $15.
Necklace: Rue 21, $5.99 (similar).
Shoe: Rue 21, $6.99.

Rue 21 has a BOGO 50% off one their sandals, so the pairs of sandals picture were only $13,49 for both pairs!  Plus, they had a one-day coupon for $5 off any $20 purchase, so I picked up the necklace and another cheap pair of sandals for my mom.

New York & Company was having an okay sale, so I picked up the shirt above and a couple of other items.  They were also having double City Cash, so for every $30 you spent, you got 2 $15 off $30 coupons.  I have a love/hate relationship with this store.  Sometimes, I think their items aren’t very well made.  Also, you really have to keep an eye on their sales to make sure you’re getting a good deal.  They always have good coupons, but their coupons don’t apply to a lot of stuff already on sale:(

You can mix this hoodie and these shoes in with a lot of outfits.  
BRIGHtip: you can wear almost any color of top with these two and still look
pulled together because the hoodie and shoes are the same color! Think a white, black,
pink,  bright orange, or lime green top underneath!
Hoodie: Old Navy, on sale for $17.94 before add’l discount this weekend.
I would not pay $22.94 for this, which is it’s current price.
Shoe: Rue 21, $6.99.

My hubby and I also ran into Old Navy to spend out Super Cash there.  Super Cash requires that you spend a certain amount, and basically gives you 40% off your a portion of your purchase ($10 off 25, or $20 off $50, or $30 off $75).  I earned this Super Cash when I did some spring shopping a couple of weeks ago.  This hoodie is lightweight and super comfy.  I think it will be perfect to take along for cool nights at the beach this summer!  Speaking of which, I will be doing a post later this week about  BRIGHT VACATIONS on a budget!

As you can see, I really tried to pick some pieces that were interchangeable and added a pop of color.  Versatility is the key to any wardrobe on a budget, bright or otherwise 🙂  I hope this gives you some ideas about how to work color into your spring wardrobe!  

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  1. 4.29.14

    Love this post,I love Rue 21 and Old Navy,Tiff I really need some budget ideas for mens clothing! Frankie never shops for himself so I have to do all the shopping…I get great ideas for clothing from you and since you and Chauncey shop together maybe u can give me some ideas for
    Frankie and McKade !