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I’m notorious for destroying phones.  One time, I went through something like 5 in a year.  Don’t judge me.  Things happen–you drop one here, have one stolen there, or send them swimming in a bubble bath (yes, the bowl of rice trick will work if you immediately power off your phone). . . .  I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 a year ago and shattered–yes, shattered–the screen 3 weeks after I got it.  That was a personal record.

I always get insurance on my phones, but insurance is expensive!  My deductible is $100–definitely nothing bright on a budget about that.  So I’m always looking for ways to protect my phone that don’t involve spending $80 on a protective case.  Especially something to protect my phone while at the pool and beach (!) this summer.

Enter this sweet little contraption from Avon.  It’s called the Beach Carry-All Case.  Not only is it waterproof, but it also allows you to use your phone while it’s in the case!  How great is that?!

The top has 2 ziplocks on it to keep the inside waterproof.

My phone is HUGE but still fits in this case, so an iPhone or Galaxy S would definitely fit in the case no problem.  While I wish the clear portion was larger, that’s just a liability of having a big phone.

Once you’ve sealed both ziplocks, you fold down that portion and button the snaps.
Disclaimer: I really don’t have 63 unread messages.  I see them pop up at the top
of my screen, read them, and then it just doesn’t clear.  I’m too lazy to manually
clear everything.

I also like how the case has a strap that will let you wear it around your neck or crossbody.  I like to wrap the strap a couple of times, though, to where it’s more like a wristlet.

I wrap the straps around before I fold down the top portion, so it stays in place!

This case is a BRIGHT must-have for summer!  Great way to protect your phone on a budget!  I feel much safer about taking my phone on vacation and to the pool since I have this!

UPDATE:  The Avon Beach Carry-All case can be purchased for $9.99 here.  If you’re interested in seeing what else Avon has, check out my friend Amy’s Avon website here.  

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