Bright [Vacation] on a Budget : Summer E-book Reads for $3.99 or less!

Hello, summer!  There’s nothing I love more this time of yea than laying out at the beach or by the pool with a good book to read.  I read alot, so I like to find ways to read without breaking the bank.  I’m also busy, so I don’t really have time to go to the library’s physical location–that just ends up costing me money in late fees.  How do I read on a budget then? E-books, my friends. I’ve found utilizing my Kindle and Kindle app to be the most budget-friendly way to read.

Perfect reading nook, right?

For those of you who are not unfamiliar with Kindle, it’s the Amazon’s ebook service.  You do NOT have to own an actual Kindle device to utilize it.  You can download the app for free on any Android or Apple device in your app store, and they even have a version for the PC!

First, if you own an actual Kindle device and are an Amazon prime member, you can borrow 1 book a month for free from the Kindle Lending Library.  This option is only available when using a Kindle device, NOT the Kindle app. Instructions can be found here for how to go about it.

Second, if you have a library card, visit their webpage.  Many libraries now participate in programs where you can borrow ebooks for free from their webpage, no visit required!

Third, many (but not all) Kindle books are loanable between friends.  Instructions can be found here. So swap books with your friends.  I have several friends who loan me books they’ve liked when I’m looking for something new!

Finally, here’s some e-books I highly recommend that are $3.99 or less!  Please note that prices are subject to change and they may change at any time

Happy reading!

Marie Force
1. True North- FREE
2. Maid for Love- FREE

Abbi Glines
1. Take a Chance- $1.99
2. Breathe- $1.99
3. Just for Now- $2.99
4. Never Too Far- $3.99
5. Simple Perfection- $3.99


Amanda Stone
1. Breathe into Me- $2.99
* Amanda is a friend of mine from back home. She’s pretty awesome and I hope you’ll give her book a try!

Kiera Class
1. The Selection- $2.99

Kate Angell
1. Squeeze Play- $.99
2. Sliding Home- $3.99
3. Curveball- $3.99
4. Strike Zone- $3,99
5. No Tan Lines- $2.51
6. No Strings Attached- $2.51

Jude Deveraux
1. Just Curious- $.99

Molly McAdams
1. Forgiving Lies- $1.99
2. Stealing Harper- $1.99
3. From Ashes- $3.79

Sylvia Day
1. Afterburn- $3.03
2. Aftershock- $3.03

Sarah MacLean
1. A Rogue by Any Other Name- $3.99
2. Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake- $3.99

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
1. Call Me Irresistible- $3.99

Georgia Cates
1. Beauty from Pain- $3.99
2. Beauty from Surrender- $3.99
3. Beauty from Love- $3.99

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