High Five for Friday

We have a lot going on these week, but it’s all mainly good stuff:)

1. Yesterday’s post has a tutorial + a GIVEAWAY!  I demonstrate how to make a bridal bouquet for less than $20, and I’m giving away both the bridal bouquet and boutonniere pictured below! Be sure to check out the post and enter the giveaway, whether your a bride-to-be, know a bride-to-be, or would just like a nice bouquet to lay on an accent table!  I had a lot of fun doing the post–this week my brain has been way overworked, so it was nice to work with my hands.  Creativity is definitely a stress-reliever for me!
Also, as promised, here’s the quick boutonniere tutorial:
A boutonniere is basically just a small bouquet.  Save 2-3 flowers and some greenery when making your bouquet.  Cut the stems of the flowers and greenery to about 2 inches long  Arrange them how you like (I usually like for the greenery to jet out to the right side).  Finally, wrap the entire stem in floral tape, making sure the bottom is covered.  I also like to slightly bend out the end of the boutonniere. TA-DA! Done. How easy was that?

Don’t forget–you’ll need a corsage pin!
2.  I love Mac Cosmetics’ trade-in program.  You take in 6 of their make-up containers, and you get a lipstick for FREE!  Nothing brighter on a budget than FREE!  So I traded in and got this great shade called “Girl about Town”.
3.  I got real serious about Transformation Tuesday this week.  While I loved the blue pant in the kitchen, it was time for it to go back neutral.  Here’s the before (left) and after (rights) pictures.
Yes, I know the rugs are off-center.  My eye is already twitching.
4.  Sometimes a girl just needs chocolate/sweets.  Here was my dinner tonight: a salted caramel cupcake from Caramanda’s!  
5. My baby boy turns 1 tomorrow!  Where does the time go?!  One year ago today, we were heading into the hospital for me to be induced.  It was a slightly crazy day.  Chauncey accidentally set off our home alarm and the police showed up because I couldn’t remember the correct password to tell the alarm company.  I calmly explained to the police office that everything was okay, and I was really sorry, but I was having a baby and just couldn’t think of the password–I had other things on my mind!  Then, just as we were getting ready to leave, we realized that our air conditioner had stopped working!  Luckily, it was fixed by the time we brought Kane home from the hospital, but it made the day just a little more hectic than I would have liked!  Here’s a pic of Kane when he was itty-bitty (it didn’t last long)!
Be sure to check out Lauren over at the Lauren Elizabeth–she hosts this link-up!

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