High Five for Friday

Woohoo!  It’s not only Friday, but it’s a 3-day weekend!  Here lately, it feels like my weeks are flying by, which makes me just a little bit sad.  Sometimes I wish it would slow down just a little.  Anyways, let’s review this past week:

1. Last weekend alternated between rainy and sunny.  We made the most of it, though, and took Kane to some local parks.  On Saturday, Chauncey and I took him and he had a total meltdown.  On Sunday, Kane and I went with my friend Kara and her adorable daughter.  He had a much better time then.  The kids loved the ducks!

Thanks, Kara, for snapping this pic!

2(a).  My order for the Lilly Pulitzer sale arrived!  It arrived pretty quickly, but nothing is ever easy though (anyone else feel this way?).  I had checked my tracking # and it said the order was out for delivery.  I got home and saw a slip on my door, so I immediately thought that it needed a signature and hadn’t been delivered–utter disappointment.  I went to get the tag off the door, and noticed that it said the package had been delivered.  It had a note that had an arrow drawn and said “bush.”  Yay!  Then I got to look behind the bush, where they always leave my package.  No package.  I look to the side of the bush.  No package.  I look all around.  No package.  By this point, I’m ready to have a heart attack!  That’s an $83 package that’s missing.  So I go knock on my neighbor’s door to see if they happened to pick it up.  No package.  I call Chauncey to see if he got the delivery. No package.  I finally give up, and decide to call the number on the tag to report my package missing:(  I decide to frantically look one last time, and my hands and knees.  As I kneel down and look up, I see a glimpse of white–there it is, my package!  The Fedex guy stuck it down in the bush!  Thanks for having my back, Mr. Fedex guy, but next time, give me a better hint, please!

Left: Lilly Pulitzer Cordon Dress in Hotty Pink Let’s Get Crackin’, $34 (reg. $98)
Right: Lilly Pulitzer Brewster Dress in Deep Sea Blue Quahog Chowdah, $49 (reg. $98)
No longer available for the above prices:(

2(b). I had the perfect occasion to wear one of my new dresses the next day.   Two of our friends, who just got engaged, are moving to England soon for a year.  On Saturday, we went out for a goodbye/celebration dinner with them.  Congrats Tommy and Abby!!!!  We’ll miss you two!

Perfect excuse to wear my new Lilly dress:)  Thanks to Kelli D. for the photography!

4. I was selected as a sponsor for Mimi’s Monograms!  In case you missed last week’s #H54F, check out the cute (and cheap!) monogram scarf I ordered here.  She’s also having all kinds of good deals now through Labor Day (09/01), including:

Monogrammed Pocket Tees– $13.59 using discount code below
Monogrammed Clutch w/ chain– $16.99 with discount code below

Be sure to use the promo code TIF15 for an extra 15% at checkout!*  Everything always ships free, and this weekend, you’ll get a free koozie from Set Sail Shirt Co. with every order!
*Even though I am a sponsor for Mimi’s Monograms, please know that I only support businesses/companies that I like.  I ordered from Mimi’s before I became her sponsor, and will continue to order from there in the future! 

4.  Look at the goodies I picked up this week!  Reviews coming soon.

Leopard Tassel Necklace: Purple Peridot, $15.99.
Sephora + JCP Meet Your Match Kit: Sephora, $11.24 in store (still $25 online).
Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat, Oxygen Performance Top Coat, and Lip Vernis in Peony: $32.79 in product only $2.79 using Julep credits and Maven savings!

5.  I’m doing a collaboration with Sarah Lammy, Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant.  I had several readers ask me about Jamberry nails, but I had never tried them before!  Lesson here: if you want to see it on the blog, ask and I’ll try to deliver.  So I teamed up with Sarah to try them out and we’re bringing you a giveaway!  Be sure to pop back over on Monday to get my thoughts on Jamberry and enter to win!

How’s YOUR week been?  Find any good deals?  Have something totally awesome happen? Let me know in the comments below!  I hope everyone has a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend:)

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  1. 8.29.14

    Sounds like you had a great week. I love your dress and Kane is cute as always. I can't wait to see the little guy again. Della @ http://delladevoted.blogspot.com

  2. 8.29.14
    Angie said:

    That dress is gorgeous 🙂

  3. 8.29.14

    Such an exciting week and fun things happening on the blog! The FedEx story was awesome! I'd be panicking too!! But the dress looks so great on you. Adorable! Happy Friday!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  4. 8.29.14

    Thanks, friend! We need to get together soon!

  5. 8.29.14

    Thanks, Angie! I fell in love with it a while back, but refused to pay full price. It's super comfy!

  6. 8.29.14

    OMG, I left it out in the story above, but the bush is a very dense shrub. That's why I didn't see the package until I was down on my hands and knees and looking up through the bush.lol Thanks!

  7. 8.29.14

    Your new dress is so pretty! Love that blue color and it's totally flattering on you. 🙂
    Gina – On the Daily Express

  8. 8.29.14

    HIde and go seek with the fedex guy right? I love that tassel necklace! Thanks for linking up!

  9. 8.29.14
    Brianne said:

    That duck picture is adorable!

  10. 8.29.14

    What a busy week! Your FedEx story was cracking me up! Your new Lilly dresses are so pretty and the blue looks great on you! Love the tassel necklace too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  11. 8.29.14
    Emily said:

    That necklace is gorgeous! Happy Friday!

  12. 8.29.14

    That dress looks great on you!!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  13. 8.29.14

    Oh my gosh! The package thing had me worried! Can't believe he stuck it IN the bush!

  14. 8.31.14

    Thanks, Gina! It's very close to Kentucky blue, which makes me happy.

  15. 8.31.14

    It's my least favorite game.lol Thanks and you're welcome. I just started linking up a few weeks ago–glad to have found it!

  16. 8.31.14

    Thanks, Brianne! It was adorable to watch too.

  17. 8.31.14

    Thanks, Jill! I can laugh about the story now–while it was happening, not so much.haha Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

  18. 8.31.14

    Thanks, Emily! Happy Saturday!

  19. 8.31.14

    Thanks, Krissy! It's comfortable too!

  20. 8.31.14

    Yea, me either!lol Super thick bush, so there was no way that just looking down was working.

  21. 9.1.14
    Caitlin said:

    Love the Lilly dress! Definitely not missing the sale next time, too cute! Glad you're doing the Jamberries, I was actually thinking about ordering some, everyone seems to love them. They come in such great patterns,too!

  22. 9.1.14

    You look great in that dress. I love the colour and the shoes you matched it with!

  23. 9.17.14

    They do come in great patterns! I think that they're a good deal for what they are, but it's not something I would pay to use all the time.

  24. 9.17.14

    Thanks! And I'm ALL about bright colors!