Transitioning Brights from Summer to Fall

Right now is a great time to pick up items during end-of-season sales (check out my post here for tips on how to shop them)!  It’s during this time that I pick up pieces that I’ve had my eye on, or that just catch my eye–pieces that I would never buy full price, but that are closet must-haves.

I picked up this pink shirt from Bluetique for only $5 during the recent Lexington boutique sale!  The skirt is from J. Crew and retailed at $79.50 when it was full price.  I scored it for $23.99 during a recent online sale (thanks, With Pearls and a Stethoscope, for showcasing this skirt and making me want it badly).

Now, some of you may not see the point of buying short-sleeves or shorter skirts when fall is right around the corner.  Well, even though you can always just put them up for next spring/summer, I like to get lots of wear out of my clothes.  For the sleeveless shirt, you can always toss on a dark blazer or a cardigan (like I did below!).  It will be the perfect pop of color, and the front ruffle makes it great for business wear.  As for the skirt, you can always pair it with a long-sleeved black top, some tights, and some riding boots!  These 2 tricks almost always work, and help to extend your wardrobe options from season to season!  
Cardigan: Maurices, $7.50
Top: Bluetique Cheap Chic, $5
Skirt: J. Crew, $23.99 on sale (now $41.99 using code SHOPSALE)
Update: Head over to the J. Crew Factory site, where you can grab the khaki-colored version for $29.99 or the printed version for $22.49 with code EXTRA25!!!
Earrings: Bluetique Cheap Chic, free (enclosed w/ order)
Necklace: Purple Peridot, $8.10 on sale (now $14.99)
Watch: Coach, gift
Shoes: Payless (similar, $14)
Special thanks to April Brooks for being my photographer for this post!  

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  1. 8.18.14

    You look great in pink!! I completely agree that a sleeveless top can be worn year round. Great color for all seasons 🙂

  2. 8.18.14

    Cute top! I always wear my sleeveless tops year round and love the way you styled yours for fall! The skirt would look great paired with neutrals for fall also!


  3. 8.18.14

    Uh oh… now I might just have to use the J Crew code!!

  4. 8.18.14

    Absolutely love the pink shirt and the styling of the entire outfit!

  5. 8.18.14

    Great outfit! Cardigans definitely help sleeveless tops wearability in cooler temps!

  6. 8.18.14

    You are adorable in these pictures!! That pink looks great on you. Tights and riding boots are my go to in the fall/winter to extend skirts and dresses!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  7. 8.18.14
    Caitlin said:

    I love that skirt! And I'm a fan of wearing clothes year round. I love some of my tanks, so having some great sweaters/long sleeve pieces is definitely a must!

  8. 8.18.14
    Angie said:

    Great scores- transitional pieces are the best 🙂

  9. 8.20.14

    Thanks, Whitney! I feel like most of any spring/summer wardrobe can be worn year-round (with the exception of shorts).

  10. 8.20.14

    Thanks, Jill! I can't wait to find more ways to wear this skirt–I'm already thinking of it paired with a long-sleeved black tee, black tights, and black boots!

  11. 8.20.14

    Kate, they also have the linen mini on the Factory website, and you can currently use code EXTRA25 for an extra 25% off–makes the khaki skirt $29.99 and the printed skirts $22.49!

  12. 8.20.14

    Thanks, Krystal! This combo makes me think of a watermelon (but a cute one).haha

  13. 8.20.14

    Thanks, Becky. I agree! I have some chunky cardigans that really allow me to wear sleeveless tops year-round.

  14. 8.20.14

    Thanks, Katie! Not gonna lie–I'm getting excited for fall!

  15. 8.20.14

    Thanks, Caitlin! I saw it on another blog and just had to have it when it went on super discount. It makes me sad that I can't wear more of my winter tops year-round.

  16. 8.20.14

    Thanks, Angie! And that's the truth!

  17. 8.20.14

    Me too!