Easy Pattern Mixing

Pattern mixing is everywhere you look right now–store ads, fashion magazines, etc.  How many of you have looked at an outfit involving pattern mixing, though, and thought it looked hideous?  I know I have!  Some patterns just aren’t meant to be mixed together.

I have recently started pattern mixing more and more. I think that when you start mixing patterns, it’s easiest to start simple and work up to pattern-on-pattern mixing.

Start off by easing into pattern mixing–wear 2 patterns in your outfit, but make sure they don’t touch.  This should mean you’re wearing 1 article of clothing with a pattern + 1 accessory with a pattern, like my skirt/scarf combo shown here.

Scarf: details below.
Tee: Maurices (similar, $9).
Skirt: Maurices
Shoes: Kohl’s (similar, $5)
Here, I chose to colorblock my look, and put a neutral tee in-between the two patterned pieces so they weren’t pattern-on-pattern.  The scarf pics up the pink and white from the skirt, and the white tee ties the look together.  
Scarf: Mimi’s Monograms, details below.
Watch: Coach (gift from hubby)

I’m especially in love with this scarf!  I purchased it from Mimi’s Monograms, and showcased it recently on a #H54F post.  Right now, the scarf + monogram is on sale for $17.99, but you can use promo code TIF15 at checkout for an extra 15% off, making the monogrammed scarf only $15.29 and it ships for free!

Have you tried pattern-mixing?  If so, how did it go???  Do you have any recommendations?