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You all know I’m always about a good deal:)  Confession: I went through a 3-year period where I was a total make-up snob.  If it wasn’t a beauty counter product, it wasn’t touching my face!  Thankfully, Pinterest and blog-reading wised me up.  I starting taking chances on some drugstore products and you know what? I liked some of them (not all) as much, if not more, than the beauty counter brands!!!

Tabitha from A Hundred Tiny Wishes and I have teamed up to bring your some of our favorite beauty dupes to help you stretch your beauty budget further.

I say:

The L’Oreal mascara is around $7 (compared to Tarte at $23), and you can usually combing a BOGO promotion with coupons to get this mascara even cheaper!  I think that it makes just as much of an impact as the Tarte mascara, especially if you’re seeking thicker lashes.  Approximate savings: $16.

Again, the price difference is similar to the mascara. The Tarte crayon is $24, and the L’Oreal one is only around $7.  I found the’ L’Oreal version to have great pigment and to be hydrating to my lips. Approximate savings: $17.

The Naked2 Basics palette will run you $29 (unless you snag it with a special member coupon or points at Ulta), while the Maybelline version will run you no more than $10 (but often less–currently BOGO 50% off, plus can use the $3.50 off $10 Ulta coupon).  Now, these aren’t exact dupes, although I’m seen the Maybelline palette compared to the regular Naked2 palette.  The Naked2 Basics is a matte palette, while the Maybelline version is not.  I think, however, that you can achieve very similar looks with both palettes.  I will caution you to use a good eye primer/base with the Maybelline palette, but it works great so long as you do!  Approximate savings: at least $19, but can be as much as $22.50 or more!

EyelinerANY fancy gel eyeliner pencil vs. Ulta Gel Eyeliner Pencil
This eyeliner is where it is at.  I was paying $20 for a gel eyeliner pencil before I found this.  My old pencil was discontinued, and I hate the gel eyeliner in a pot, so I was on the search for something similar but new. I found this, and it’s been true love ever since.  You can get this as cheap as $1 (watch Ulta’s sales papers)!  Right now, it’s priced at $8 and BOGO Free!  And you can always use the Ulta coupon mentioned above to score it even cheaper.  This eyeliner gives a bold, defined look that stays around all day!  Approximate savings: at least $12, but as much as $19 or more!!!

Tabitha says: 

I love using high end products, but sometimes my wallet doesn’t allow me to finance my favorite products from Sephora and Ulta. And that used to be a problem! After getting some recommendations from friends, and the wonderful world of bloggers, I have compiled a list of my tried and loved, favorite beauty dupes (products that are almost the same). 
I’m a primer gal, and I fell for Smashbox’s primer with the first sample I used, but I was not a fan of the price… so when I picked up a bottle of  E.L.F’s primer, I was pleasantly surprised with the almost duplicate, at a sixth of the price. E.L.F. matches Smashbox in almost every way: texture, consistency, and types (regular, tone adjusting, brightening, and radiant glow). Total savings: $30
Garnier Moisture Rescue (dry skin) // $6.97
Occasionally my face dries out. And it sucks. The only thing I had found to combat my dryness was Clinique’s Moisture Surge, a gel moisturizer. Unfortunately, my wallet didn’t like the price and I knew I had to find something different. So I took to Pinterest. It told me to try the Garnier Moisture Rescue for Dry Skin, because it was a duplicate. I did. AND loved it! It’s super moisturizing, and makes my skin feel pretty! Total savings: Approx $31.53-52.03
I have always had sensitive skin and in the winter, my face tends to stay red. So a couple years ago, I decided to grab the Clinique powder (at the time it was a loose powder). It worked like a charm, but I hated that I still had to use foundation and the powder itself was over $30. I was reading a magazine (don’t ask- I don’t remember which one), and they recommended the E.L.F. for facial redness. I used it, and LOVED it. It is very comparable to the Clinique, and good for spot usage. Total savings: $31.50
To be honest- ain’t no one wants to spend more than twenty bucks on a facial cleanser- but since I have a love of Benefit products, I decided to grab a bottle (and it was 20% off with my Ulta coupon). I loved it. When I used it in the shower, I realized that it took off ALL my makeup and didn’t leave me with raccoon eyes. Unfortunately all good thing must come to an end, and I ran out of my beloved face wash. I didn’t want to spend that type of money, so upon the recommendation of a friend, I grabbed the Neutrogena wash. To my amazement- it was nearly the same and was cost friendly. Total savings: $17.01

The lesson of today is that there are some really great drugstore products out there, so don’t be fooled by their cheaper price tag:)

Have you ever tried any of our favorite beauty duplicates?


0 thoughts on “Favorite Beauty Dupes

  1. Becky Goerend

    I love this list. Getting the Maybelline palette is on my list…and I have the day off to esacpe the house of paint fumes, so I may just head to Ulta! Thanks for the great suggestions!

  2. M @ The Sequin Notebook

    I love this so much! I used to be such a beauty label snob, but now I'm all about the dupes! I'm in need of a new moisturizer, so I'll be checking out the Garnier Moisture Rescue immediately, and can't wait to try some of the others. Hope you have a fab New Year!! xoxo

  3. Caitlin

    I love the Loreal Paris lip balm ever since I got it in the Walmart beauty box! Seriously one of my faves now. I still need to try the Madeline nudes palette. I just haven't been wearing eyeshadow lately, but nudes are definitely my go-to when I do.


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