High Five for Friday

TGIF!  Okay, guys–where did December go?  I can’t believe that Christmas is NEXT WEEK.  I promise I’m getting my tree up tonight (I’m terrible at the holiday thing this year).  Let’s recap my favorite things about this week:

1. I GRADUATED for the very last time.  On Saturday morning, I walked through the graduation line for my MBA:)  We didn’t get any great pics, because Kane was throwing a fit, but it was nice to have my little family there.

2. Saturday night, I went to my company’s Christmas party.  Jimmy Rose, from America’s Got Talent, was the entertainment for the night and he did awesome!  I’ve worked for the company for something like 8 years total now, so I had tons of fun seeing a lot of the people I used to work with but don’t get to see anymore.

3. I recapped Kane’s Santa pics on the blog, and gave my advice for pictures with Santa.  Please check out my child’s fist.haha

4. My favorite outfit from the week:

I had to lighten this pic some so that you could see the color of the shoes:)

5. Also, for those who don’t follow on Instagram, I had to share this story.  I was standing in line at the post office, mailing out my various blog/IG Christmas exchange stuff, and the line was lllooonnggg.  So I decided to take a picture holding my packages and post it to Instagram.  The older lady in line behind me became very concerned.  She started peering at my camera, asking what I was taking a picture of, etc.  I tried to explain to her that it was for Instagram, but she didn’t get the concept.  She said, “So you’re just going to post a picture of you standing in line??!”  Why yes, ma’am, I am.  She was very suspicious.  I had to hold back the laughter.

Speaking of exchanges, I received my mug from Cup of Tea and Coffee with Caitlin‘s Mug Swap. Savannah from Sincerely, Savannah xo!  I’ve always thought these camera lens mugs were neat, so I was super excited to received one.  It’s perfect to carry to work, as it has a lid:)  Thanks, Savannah!!!

How’s YOUR week been?  Find any good deals?  Have something totally awesome happen? Let me know in the comments below!