The Perfect Red Lip

Red lipstick has always intimidated me.  In my opinion, red is one of the prettiest lip colors but it’s also the hardest to wear.  It can make your teeth look yellow or look hideous against your skin tone (note: if your coloring is similar to mine, avoid orangey-reds).  I’ve been on a quest to find the perfect shade for years, and finally found it–NYX Matte Lipstick in Perfect Red.  A big shoutout to Jo (@morningcuppajo) for sending this my way!  This is a great blue-based shade, so it doesn’t make your teeth look yellow.  I think that it’s perfect for a wide-range of skin tones, but you can always head to a local beauty counter to get some help nailing down a shade that works best for you.  

Finding the perfect shade is just 1/2 of the perfect red lip equation, though.  The other 1/2 of the equation deals with the actual application of the red lip.  Nothing’s worse than when red lip color ends up all around your mouth, making you looking like you’ve just eaten a red popsicle.  I use a simple 3 step process:
Step 1: Line your lip with a clear lip liner.  Optional: fill in entire lip with lip liner for maximum staying power.

Step 2: Apply clear Chapstick as a base for lip color.  This step is a must when you have a matte lip color.  It prevents your lips from feeling dry, while really smoothing out the overlying lip color.
Step 3: Slap on some red lip stick!  Okay, maybe not slap, but precisely fill in your lips with the red lip stick, and make sure to fill in the cupid’s bow perfectly.
That’s it!  Seriously, so easy but such a great look!  After all, what’s a fashion/beauty blogger without at least one great red lipstick?!

Have you found the perfect red lip color yet?  Or has your search for the perfect red lip ended in disaster(s)?

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