Adventures with Santa

We made three visits to Santa this year.  How’d it go? Let’s just say if this was a game of baseball, Santa struck out and the next team is up at bat.hahaha  Della from Della Devoted and I thought it’d be fun to let you all in on our adventures with Santa this year!

Attempt #1: Hillenmeyer Christmas Shop

Kane wasn’t having any of chilling with Santa on Santa’s vintage sleigh.  Oh no.  But he found he quite fun when Santa started sneaking around him.  I guess sneaking is what Santa does best. You can see more pics from our Hillenmeyer visit and read a full review of this magical little shop here.

Attempt #2: Santa at Lexington Green
We visit Santa at Lexington Green each year.  The people from Travis Clark photography are fun to work with, and we always enjoy seeing them at Christmas and at Easter.  You can read more about last year’s experience and my advice for pictures with Santa here.

Does anyone remember this gem of Kane from last Christmas???  Only my child would have his fist up to Santa.

We forgot sunglasses this year, but the picture went a little something like this. . . 
At least I got some good pics of Kane outside afterwards.haha

Attempt #3: Daycare
I figured that by this point, Kane would be warming up to Santa.  Heck no. . .he was still as chilly as the North Pole.  “No, Santie Claus! No!” We got one decent pic.  In the rest he was protesting jolly ol’ St. Nick. Thanks for the pics, Shannon!
Be sure to head over to Della Devoted to check out Raylan’s adventures with Santa as well!!!

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