Wardrobe Staple : Skinny Black Pants

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My #1 wardrobe staple is a pair of skinny black pants.  Why? Because you can take them from super dressy to super casual and back again.  They’re one of, if not the, most versatile pieces you can have in your closet.  Skinny black pants are a classic choice, and you’ll always look more “put-together” when you toss on a pair.

To illustrate what a wardrobe workhorse skinny black pants have been for me the past 6 months, I’m showing you pictures of many outfits that skinny black pants have been the basis of.  Now, these outfits consists of two pairs/types of skinny black pants–skinny black dress pants and a good quality legging.  The two pairs can be dressed up or dressed down, and are basically interchangeable.  In case you’re wondering, yes I wear yoga leggings to work sometimes. Do yourself a favor and buy a pair:)
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I picked up my favorite pair of skinny black dress pants on clearance for around $8 at Maurices last summer, but this pair of pixie pants from Old Navy is very similar in fit (ankle length).  The price on these fluxes but I like to buy them when they’re in the $25 range. 
When it comes to leggings, the Ultimate Yoga Leggings from Victoria’s Secret Pink are my go-to.  These are made out of an awesome fabric that smooths things out and holds you in:)  They are expensive, but you can find them on sale every now and then if you watch the VS Pink Nation app.
If skinny black pants aren’t a staple in your wardrobe, I encourage you to go buy a pair or two.
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