Three Brushes to Use to Extend Your Hairstyle

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As much as I’m on the go, I’m all about extending my hair style for as many days as possible–I usually go five (5!) days without washing my hair.  While I’ve talked before about my routine and the products I use to achieve 5-day hair, I neglected to talk about the brushes in my routine.

There are three Goody brushes I use to extend my style and get fabulous hair: the Goody Clean Radiance Oval Cushion Brush, the Goody Amp It Up Medium Round Brush, and the Goody Detangle It Vent Brush.  You can find all three of these brushes here.  I thought I would walk you through how I use each brush to extend my style.  Now, I took all of these pictures on the same day for this post, but normally I’m using them again and again over the five days I go without washing my hair.

First, Day 1, I wash and dry my hair.  Before blowdrying, I always make sure to use my favorite volumizing product and smoothing cream, along with a heat protectant. DO NOT FORGET TO USE A HEAT PROTECTANT!!! I then like to use the Goody Detangle It Vent Brush to detangle my hair and distribute those products evenly throughout my hair.  I always brush my hair very gently during this step, because I don’t want to cause breakage.  I love that this brush doesn’t snag my hair and tug at it as I’m brushing.

As I’m blowdrying my hair, I like to get it about 80% without before using a brush again. Then, at that point, I like to use the Goody Amp It Up Medium Round Brush to add some lasting volume to my roots.  I take small sections of hair at the top of my head, place the brush under that section of hair right next to my roots, and concentrate the airflow from my blowdryer on it–first hot air followed by a shot of cool air.  This step works much better when you use the skinny diffuser that comes with most hair dryers. Not only does this step add volume, but it also smooths your hair.  If I’m delaying styling my hair with a curling iron until Day 2, I’ll go ahead and finish blowdrying my hair with this brush,  using it to add some curl to my ends and smooth the flyaways. That means I get style without added heat usage!  If you have fine hair like I do, I highly recommend adding this step to your blowdrying routine.

Once my hair is dry, I like to brush out my hair/tame it with the Goody Clean Radiance Oval Cushion Brush.  I also repeat this step on Day 3 or Day 4 before touching u p my hairstyle with some fresh curls.  Let me tell you that this brush just feels good when you run it through your hair!  It’s my first copper-bristle brush and I’m in love! The copper bristles reduce natural build-up that is products over time*, which in turn leaves your hair looking healthier and more radiant.  For best results, use on dry hair, and do not use with a blowdryer, as the copper bristles may get hot. *Results based on consumer usage and perception study.

And each and every day, from Day 1 through Day 5, I like to tease my hair.  For this step, I like to make use of the Goody Detangle It Vent Brush again!  Now, sometimes when I’m teasing with a comb, I find that I have issues with my hair still falling flat a few hours after teasing.  When I tease with this brush, the teasing tends to last longer. I start my teasing small sections in the back at my crown, but also tease the top sides for a true full-body, voluminous look (icing on the cake when you use the Goody Amp It Up Brush mentioned above!).

By Day 4 or 5 (and definitely if I’m pushing to a Day 6), I sometimes like to pull my hair back to keep from washing it, extending my hairstyle to the last mile.  I break out the Goody Clean Radiance Oval Cushion Brush again to smooth back my hair into whatever style I feel like.  I hate obvious bumps in my hair, so I really like how smooth this brush can finish my hairstyle.

The best thing about these brushes are how affordable they are, and you don’t have to hunt around at salons to find them.  You can find these Goody hairbrushes at Walmart in the haircare aisle.  That means can use them to get fabulous hair without having to make a serious investment!  As much as I don’t have time to wash my hair everyday, I don’t have the money to spend $$$ on a hairbrush, especially when I like to use more than one.  So Walmart is a great go-to destination for your hair accessories and styling tool needs.

Want to see more tutorials about how to use Goody hairbrushes to get awesome hair? Click here. You can also learn more about other types of Goody hairbrushes that are available.  And don’t forget to check them out the next time you’re in Walmart!

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