No Budge, Long-Lasting Lipstick from LipSense

Confession: I didn’t consistently wear lipstick until after I started blogging. Then I started wearing it, because it pulls your whole makeup look together.  I was still left feel frustrated, however, when my lip color wouldn’t stay in place.  One time, when we were on vacation in Charleston, I looked like a clown because the lip color smudged all around my lips and wouldn’t come off (not a good look for me or anyone else). So I was really excited to find LipSense

LipSense is a two-step lip color system that doesn’t budge once it’s on. Seriously.  You apply 3 coats of the color, letting each coat dry for 10-15 seconds in-between, and finish with your choice of glosses. Once the gloss is on, the lip color is sealed in place. You can kiss or sip a cup of coffee without leaving a single lip print! How awesome is that?! That means it also doesn’t transfer onto your teeth. It’s a must-have product for those of us who love a bold lip.

The best part is that it will stay on for 4 hours+ (we’re talking up to 18 hours or so), depending on your body’s chemistry.  My LipSense lip color application usually lasts 4-6 hours before wearing off. It is recommended that you reapply gloss before eating. Below, I’ve shared how my LipSense lasted before and after breakfast, and before and after lunch.

In the first pictures, I’m wearing Hazelnut + Glossy gloss (you can see my full outfit here). In the second pictures, I’m wearing Plum + Glossy gloss. Both are great shades for fall, as is Bella, which JUST came back in stock!  For a great neutral shade, try First Love. And if you’re looking for a punch red, try Blu-Red. A blue-based red actually makes your teeth look whiter! There’s tons of colors (like 100 or close to), and you can even layer different shades to get different color combos. You can check out the color swatches and some color combinations here.

Additionally, there are different glosses you can apply for your topcoat that give you different looks, like Glossy, Matte, Opal. The Glossy is super moisturizing and makes your lips feel amazing! It will be great for wintertime when my lips can use all the moisture they can get.

If you’re interested in LipSense, be sure to check out the LipSense PARTY I have going on with Becky from BYBMG right now! The party lasts until THIS Friday, October 7!

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