$10 at Target: Dollar Spot Extravaganza

Welcome to this month’s $10 at Target linkup!  Every month, my blogging friends and I share what we’ve found during our Target excursions for $10 or less. Be sure to check-out everyone’s finds in the linkup below.

$3 each: banners, dry erase board, pouch, dish, metal script
$1 each: notepad, notecards

OK, so I spent over $10. . . again. So think of this post as a “choose your own adventure” type deal. Everything is either $1 or $3, so there’s several combinations you could buy for just $10.

I’m loving the banners! The bright colors and tassel details are just what I needed for spring decor. I’m trying to decide whether to hang these in my home or office.

The dry erase board is definitely going on my fridge at home.  I’d like to mark evening events on it (so Chauncey and I know if the other has plans on a certain night–we always forget).  I’m also trying to organize my home so I’m thinking I’ll also write down one task a day that I’d like to accomplish dealing with home organization. It makes me feel accomplished when I see things written down and can mark them off!

The hello script, dish, notecards, and notepad will be occupying desk space, although I think the notepad is coming to the office with me.  As a list maker, I’m pretty much in love with it! The notecards are probably my favorite I’ve found in a while.  And the hello script is just the cutest!  They had several different words, so I may need another.

The pouch is adorable! It’s hard to see, but it’s stamped with the words “little things.” It would be perfect for your lipsticks, etc. to stash in your purse.  I also saw it in white.

Be sure to check out everyone else’s finds via the linkup below!

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