Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Hard-to-Buy-for Guy

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Valentine’s Day is just under two weeks away!  Chauncey is always so hard to buy for, because if he wants something, he just goes and buys it himself (I’m the same way). So I was thankful to come across Uncommon Goods, a website that specializes in fun, unique items that make the perfect gifts! They have a huge selection in a wide range of prices.  Here are some of my favorite finds if you too have a hard-to-buy-for guy:

1. Wishing Ball
I love the idea behind this whimsical gift.  This glass ball comes with 52 slips of paper so that once a week, you can write a wish or give thanks–basically slowing down to reflect on life.  The catch, however, is that once the wish is slipped in, there’s no taking it back out.  The artist wants the ball to represent the big picture of the messages.

2.  Mixology Dice
If your guy likes to play bartender, then you have to get him these dice!  You roll the dice and it tells you how to craft a drink.  There’s over 1.5 million flavor combinations!  You could even add this to a giftbasket with the ingredients he doesn’t already have.

3. Custom Beach Cufflinks
This cufflinks are so cool if you got married on the beach, got engaged on the beach, or just just had a special beach trip.  You can either pick sand from a certain beach or send in sand you collected on a trip.  Then the cufflinks are made with that sand! I think these are such a beautiful momento.

4. West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit
For the beer lover, try this IPA brewing kit with hops from Washington state.  It brews one gallon (which equals ten 12 oz. bottles) of beer.  This is much cooler than just grabbing a sampler pack, and will give them bragging rights among their friends! One of our friend’s brews beer sometimes, and Chauncey thinks it’s the coolest!

5. Peanut Butter Sampler
OK, Chauncey loves peanut butter, so this immediately caught my eye.  It’s a sampler pack of handmade peanut butter that includes add-ins such as chocolate ships, toffee, and popcorn.  I may need to even purchase this one for myself:)

6. Chili Granola
For your spicy food lover, grab this bottle of chili granola!  It’s handmade in small batches.  The website suggests mixing it in with yogurt, sprinkling it on tacos, or adding some flavor to your salad. I know Chauncey hasn’t tried anything like this!

7. Scratch Map Deluxe
This is the perfect gift for the world traveler!  You simply take a coin and scratch off the places you’ve visited. The gold comes off and reveals a vibrant color underneath!

I love all of these fun gifts from Uncommon Goods, and think that Chauncey would really enjoy them.  You can check out other great Valentine’s Day gift ideas here, including gifts for her and jewelry.


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