Lilly Pulitzer for Summer + a Misconception about Fashion Bloggers

Lilly Pulitzer Shorts and White Tee for Summer

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A big misconception about fashion bloggers is that we always look so put together and everything is always perfect when it comes to our outfits.  THIS IS WRONG.  Y’all, we’re human just like anyone else!  Case in point–this outfit. At first I wasn’t going to share this blog post with you. Why? Because we were shooting this blog post in a hurry the first night of our vacation and I didn’t notice that one sleeve was jerked up higher on one arm than the other:(  That’s real life for you, and since I like to keep it real here on the blog, we’re rolling with this tale of two sleeves.haha As fashion bloggers, we always try to present a picture perfect outfit, but that doesn’t always happen.  A hand tucked into a pocket may be hiding a chipped nail. Sunglasses may be hiding the fact that we have no make up on (sunglasses + a bright lip for the win!). Chances are, you’re not looking close enough to see an undone button, hanging thread, or scuff on our shoes.  So the next time you have an outfit mishap, remember that despite this misconception about fashion bloggers, it happens even to the best of us! 

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Lilly Pulitzer Shorts and White Tee for Summer Lilly Pulitzer Shorts and White Tee for Summer Lilly Pulitzer Shorts and White Tee for Summer Lilly Pulitzer Shorts and White Tee for Summer Lilly Pulitzer Shorts and White Tee for Summer Lilly Pulitzer Shorts and White Tee for Summer Lilly Pulitzer Shorts and White Tee for Summer Lilly Pulitzer Shorts and White Tee for Summer Lilly Pulitzer Shorts and White Tee for Summer

Top: Gap Factory (similar) // Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer (similar) // Crossbody: Rebecca Minkoff (50% off) via Ebay (also here and here) // Sunnies: Quay Australia Necklace: Sugarfix via Target –$13// Earrings: Charming Charlie–$10 //Sandals: Tory Burch via Ebay // Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington–save 15% w/ promo code BRIGHTONABUDGET // Link bracelet: J. Crew Factory c/o The Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass // Cuff bracelet: J.Crew Factory 

Lilly Pulitzer Shorts for Summer

I wore this outfit out to dinner at Bohemian Bull the first night we arrived at Folly Beach, SC. I wanted something breezy and comfortable since I knew we’d be dining outside at Bohemian Bull. We love to go there to grab a burger and fries (or, if you’re being healthy like Chauncey, a salad).

I adore Lilly Pulitzer for Summer.  I first discovered the Lilly Pulitzer brand right after I started blogging–I love how bright and happy the prints are.  They’re also frequently ocean/beach themed, which I love. Here, I paired these fun print shorts with an oversized plain white tee to keep it simple and to show off my jewelry.

Y’all know I’m loving the pom pom trend! My necklace was a Sugarfix find for $13.  When I spied these pom pom Austin earrings at Charming Charlie, I thought they were a close match, but I was wrong.  The top pom of the earring is a PERFECT match for the poms on the necklace:) I’m also still obsessing over this Rebecca Minkoff Love Tassel Crossbody. While my color is sold out, the deeper purple shade is 50% off, and I linked two other colors on major sale. This bag is a great size.

There were four items that were on major rotation for my entire vacation.  First was my new Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Bondi leather watch.  Daniel Wellington sent me this watch right before I left for vacation. The white leather has grown on me, and worked in great with all my vacation outfits. FYI, you can save 15% w/ promo code BRIGHTONABUDGET. Second and third, for a mixed metal arm party, I added a gold link bracelet and cuff from J. Crew Factory. And finally, my Tory Burch Miller sandals were on major repeat.

Speaking of repeats, I also wore this outfit to Kane’s birthday party.  What outfit is on repeat for you this summer? Do you have any Lilly Pulitzer shorts for summer in your closet?

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  1. 6.20.17
    Elizabeth Ramsey said:

    You are inspiring me to want to try some brights! Normally I’m a very classic/neutrals kind of girl but I do love the pop and fun that brights bring to an outfit.

    Elizabeth /

    • 6.30.17

      I think that small pops of color are a great way to work brights into an otherwise neutral wardrobe.

  2. 6.20.17
    jess z said:

    The shorts are so fun and bright, perfect for vacation.

  3. 6.20.17

    Aw these shorts are adorable! Definitely made for summer days.

    xo Laura Leigh

  4. 6.20.17

    Haha so true! Some days I am just struggling to get dressed lol. Love these adorable shorts!

  5. 6.20.17
    Liz H. said:

    Such a great post! And it’s so true lol!!


  6. 6.20.17
    Ashley Hargrove said:

    I’m loving all of these pops of color!! And isn’t it so great to find looks you want to wear over and over again?? That’s the best!

  7. 6.20.17
    Ruth Maldonado said:

    Okay I LOVE this post! So many times I have thrown out pictures and posts because it doesn’t look perfect. I have learned that the imperfections I post are real life and that’s what I feel blogging needs to be more about! I love seeing pictures that aren’t perfectly staged because that is life!

  8. 6.20.17

    So glad you ended up sharing this! I’m definitely guilty of reshooting outfits but I think it really adds to the story telling aspect.

    • 6.30.17

      I HATE reshooting outfits, and there was no time to reshoot this one:( But glad it turned out decent.

  9. 6.20.17

    Ahh, isn’t it the worst after you get through with pics and then find something wrong (and un-Photoshop-able??) Messed up sleeves or not, this outfit is cute and so wearable– perfect for a trip!

    • 6.30.17

      YES!haha I tried photoshopping this one and decided that I didn’t want to invest that time. Thanks so much!

  10. 6.20.17
    Liv said:

    Love your colorful shorts!


  11. 6.20.17
    Adriana said:

    Such a fun look!!
    Those shorts are too cute!


  12. 6.21.17
    Katherine Swain said:

    I adore Lilly for summer too!! You’ve inspired me to pull out my pieces today!

    Katherine |

  13. 6.21.17
    Lacey Anne Douthat said:

    You are too cute!~ Amen to the misconceptions! I always say I’m teaching others to live like their life isn’t a hot mess when it really is! lol!



  14. 6.21.17
    Jessi Afshin said:

    Those are the cutest shorts! So perfect for summer. I love the colors!


  15. 6.21.17

    Those shorts are so pretty!! I love that you decided to share this post with us! We can’t be perfect all the time haha 🙂

  16. 6.21.17
    Mary said:

    I love that you shared this, but I still think you look amazing!

  17. 6.21.17
    Dara said:

    So cute, even with the sleeves uneven!

  18. 6.22.17
    Mei Jorge said:

    Loved that you decided to post this look. Like you said, we are all human 🙂
    XOXO, Mei

  19. 6.22.17
    Nina Provenzano Rand said:

    I think this look is so cute! And you’re totally right, but a little perfect imperfection is real and great!

    • 6.30.17

      I agree! As bloggers, we often strive for perfection, and I bet some readers don’t even catch what is “wrong”. But I like keeping it real and letting people know that it’s ok because these mishaps happen:)

  20. 6.22.17

    so bright and pretty! perfect for summer!

  21. 6.22.17
    Gentry said:

    I adore this bright look! Lilly pulitzer makes me SO happy- the perfect summer brand!

  22. 6.22.17

    Love the splash of colors in your outfit! Gorgeous!

    Cathy and cat bra

  23. 6.23.17

    Such cute shorts. Don’t you just hate it when you get home and look at your pictures and find a “sleeve malfunction” or something else. YES, it happens to all of us and our “photgraphers” all too often don’t seem to notice.? Thanks for keeping it real!

  24. 6.23.17

    I love this designer, those shorts are so fun! Thanks for joining the Ladies Who Link Up today! Peace!

  25. 6.23.17

    So true momma! I cheat with sunglasses mainly because I have dark circles under my eyes and if the light isn’t just right I look pretty darn haggard. Nope…no perfection for me.

    • 6.30.17

      Haha. I FEEL you, but I think you always look pretty! BTW, you should totally try IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye and set it with translucent powder. It’s a game changer.

  26. 6.25.17
    Joshaunic Scott said:

    Those shorts are so pretty! I love the way you styled it.

  27. 6.25.17
    January said:

    You exposed us!! Ha!! Yes, there are definitely mishaps on EVERY shoot! Love these shorts for summer on you!

    • 6.30.17

      Haha–yep! My husband is pretty good about catching things (like a necklace tucked into my shirt, wild hair, etc.) but they still slip by sometimes. Thanks so much!

  28. 6.26.17
    Ingrid said:

    I use the sunglasses and bright lipstick trick illusion quite often in my fashion photos – lol!


  29. 6.27.17
    Emily Ravenna said:

    love this post! lilly is always such a fun choice for summer

    xo Emily

  30. 6.30.17
    Heather Bramlett said:

    Love this post!
    Those shorts are super cute.