How to Protect Your Skin in the Sun This Summer

I was asked by Carusele to participate in the #ApplyRepeatProtect campaign, sponsored by Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

One thing I cannot stress enough this summer is the importance of protecting your skin and keeping it healthy, from the inside out. You only get one skin, so it’s vital to take care of it and nourish it. As much as Kane and I have been outdoors recently, I’m making sure that we’re keeping our skin healthy two ways this summer–one, by using sunscreen, and two, by staying hydrated in these soaring temperatures. And read on for my personal story about why sunscreen is so important and how to protect your skin in the sun this summer!

How to protect your skin this summer and keep it healthy both inside + out

Why I Use Sunscreen

When I was younger, I didn’t give much thought to protection from the sun. My goal was to be as tan as possible.  I dismissed the consequences of sun exposure.  It was only in my early 20s when I decided to use sunscreen, after too many sunburns to count.  Then, when I was in my last year of law school, I had to have an abnormal mole removed.  They even had to go back in a second time to make sure they had gotten everything. While my mole wasn’t cancerous, it was a wakeup call, and I make sure to lather up in sunscreen when I go outside now.

That’s why I made a quick Walgreens run before we headed to the pool last weekend for sunscreen and water.  Walgreens currently has a deal where you can save $1 on one Walgreens brand suncare item with the purchase of one bottle of smartwater–all you have to do is load the coupon to your Balance Rewards card and apply it at purchase.  I grabbed two bottles of smartwater and two Walgreens sunscreens.

What Sunscreen I Use

For myself, I grabbed a tube of the Walgreens Sunscreen Moisturizing Lotion SPF 50. It’s a new item in Walgreens brand suncare line this year.  It’s Oxybenzone free, Paraben free, oil free, and hypoallergenic.  For Kane, I grabbed the Walgreens Baby Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50, which is top-rated on Consumer Reports. Always grab an SPF 50 sunscreen. Plus, the Walgreens sunscreens are very affordable, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality to get a good deal!

I like to apply sunscreen before we head out into the sun, and reapply every 1.5 hours (or every hour if we’ve been in the water). Kane loves being in the water, and he especially loves doing cannon balls!

Staying Hydrated This Summer

While using sunscreen protects your skin on the outside, it’s important to keep it healthy from the inside out.  That’s why I like to make sure I’m staying hydrated when I’m out in the sun this summer.  And smartwater is perfect for accomplishing this goal–the bottle sizes are great for a day by the pool!

Apply. Repeat. Protect.

I frequently shop at Walgreens, and it makes me happy to know that Walgreens is all about being “Skin Smart” by protecting your skin from the sun!  I’m also happy to know that I’m instilling in Kane the importance of using sunscreen and staying hydrated at an early age.

Be sure to stop by your local Walgreens to take advantage of the awesome deal for $1 off one Walgreens sunscreen when you buy one bottle of smartwater!  It’s the perfect deal for a day at the pool, a day at the beach, or a day of doing outdoor chores. And checkout more ideas for protecting your skin and keeping it healthy with Walgreens on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Just remember–apply, protect, repeat.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walgreens. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. 7.27.17
    Dara said:

    Great post and so important! I also had a lot of sunburns when I was younger and that still worries me now!

    • 7.28.17

      Thanks, Dara! Mine worry me too–I got for yearly mole checkups and go in more frequently if there’s a spot I’m concerned about!

  2. 7.27.17
    Tina said:

    That float is adorable!! And you look great in that swimsuit! LOVE IT! 🙂 Thanks for the reminder about how important it is to apply and reapply sunscreen!

    • 7.28.17

      Thanks, Tina! It takes me stepping out of my comfort zone to post swimsuit pics, but this was an important message to share!

  3. 7.27.17

    So important! We picked up our sunscreen from Walgreens before Mexico!

  4. 7.28.17
    Mary said:

    What a cute float and swim suit! I was guilty of tanning my buns off when I was younger, but now I lather up with sunscreen before I go out and usually wear a hat as well.

  5. 7.28.17
    Popofstyle said:

    So important to protect your skin! Wish I didn’t have to find out the hard way! Oh-and I need that float!

    • 7.28.17

      The float is definitely cute! And I’m thankful that my mole wasn’t cancerous, but I’m glad it was my wakeup call!

  6. 7.28.17
    Jessica said:

    You are so right! When I was younger I didn’t pay much attention to sunscreen, and now I can’t live without it! And our kids need it more now than ever! xo, Jessica

  7. 7.28.17
    Gentry said:

    I was really bad about using sunscreen while I was younger too, but now I am so much more careful- it’s so important!

  8. 7.28.17
    MarvelousintheMidwst said:

    love this post! I also love that giant watermelon float, so cute!!

  9. 7.28.17
    Maria said:

    so cute i love the float!!

  10. 7.28.17
    Lauryn Lasko said:

    Yes!!! Sun protection is a must! I have decided to go with the self-tanner route this year!

  11. 7.28.17
    KatWalkSF said:

    So many important tips! Perfect timing – it is supposed to be hot in San Francisco this weekend!


  12. 7.28.17
    Kay R. said:

    Really great post. So important to protect your skin. Also – look at you hotty! Love it

  13. 7.28.17
    Rach said:

    Using sunscreen is so important! I also love that bikini – so cute!

  14. 7.29.17
    Sydney Power said:

    Great Post! We all need to talk sunscreen more. Love your pictures!

  15. 7.29.17
    Miss ALK said:

    How cute is that float! And such important tips!

    xoxo A

  16. 7.29.17
    Kimberly said:

    Yes – we never leave the house without sunscreen & water bottles in the summer!

  17. 7.29.17
    Ashley Hargrove said:

    I am all about skin protection! I stock up on sunscreen, water and huge hats!!

  18. 7.29.17
    Jess said:

    That watermelon float is so cute! And I hate the feeling of sunscreen, but when you’re as pale as I am, it’s a necessity! (And also why I never went through a tanning phase–why bother? haha)

  19. 7.29.17
    Amanda Nicole Hughes said:

    Seriously sounds amazing!

  20. 7.29.17
    Anastasia Itriago said:

    So important to use sunscreen! This one sounds amazing!

  21. 7.30.17
    Azanique said:

    This is my sunscreen! I love your cute swimsuit babe

    – xo, Azanique |

  22. 7.30.17

    love this watermelon floatie! !

  23. 7.30.17

    You look gorgeous!! And I love that floatie!!

  24. 7.30.17

    loving your floatie!!! i need it for these last few weeks of summer!

    Elena Michelle

  25. 7.30.17
    Ashley McClellan Houston said:

    Sunscreen is so important. Love these floaties

  26. 7.30.17
    Jessica said:

    It is so important to be COVERED in sunscreen when in the sun. Don’t want any of those damaging rays getting through.

    xo Jessica

  27. 7.31.17
    Anna Baun said:

    I could not agree more! The use of sunscreen is so important! I love these fun summer captures!

  28. 7.31.17
    Jill Hamilton McMeans said:

    You are so beautiful!! It was so nice to meet you this weekend- and also- couldn’t agree more about using sunscreen- thanks for sharing! 🙂 XO

  29. 7.31.17
    Meghan said:

    I love your swimsuit! I always put SPF 50 on. Definitely protects my skin!

  30. 7.31.17

    Well aren’t y’all just the cutest. You look great girl. Sunscreen is something I do not go without. My sweet brother is having surgery on Wednesday to remove more form a spot that has been confirmed melanoma and it has been very scary. My boys are the worst…they just think they are invincible.