How to Connect with Other Local Bloggers + Epic Blogger Brunch

How to Connect with Other Local Bloggers and Host an Epic Blogger Brunch

Today I’m talking about a topic that many of you have wondered about–how to connect with other local bloggers. My favorite part about blogging is the community–the friendships and connections I have made. So many of you have left comments expressing your desire to meet local bloggers in your area and build a local blogging community–here are my tips! I’m also sharing our truly EPIC blogger brunch, and we’ve all teamed up to share posts about how to recreate our brunch!
How to Connect with Other Local Bloggers and Host an Epic Blogger Brunch How to Connect with Other Local Bloggers and Host an Epic Blogger Brunch How to Connect with Other Local Bloggers and Host an Epic Blogger BrunchMY DRESS: c/o KMB Bowtique–on sale + they ship!


When I first started blogging 3.5 years ago, I didn’t really know any other bloggers where I live, in Lexington, Kentucky. While I knew I clearly wasn’t the only blogger in Lexington, I didn’t know how to connect with other Lexington bloggers, or even other Kentucky bloggers.

Fast-forward 3.5 years later, and now I’m friends with many local bloggers!  I am friends with bloggers from different niches of blogging–some are also style bloggers, while others are not. I frequently get together with these bloggers.  We get together for brand events, spur-of-the-moment meet-ups, and planned events, like the epic blogger brunch I attended a few weekends ago.

How to Connect with Other Local Bloggers: Search for and Find Local Bloggers

First, to be able to connect with other local bloggers, you have to find local bloggers.  I think the easiest way to do this is to hop on Instagram and find the most popular hashtags for your local. For example, two of the most popular hashtags for Lexington, Kentucky are #sharethelex and #lexingtonky.  Then browse those hashtags to find other local bloggers and influencers.  Follow the bloggers who you’re interested in connecting with.  Leave a comment or respond to a post saying, “Hi! I’m [insert name] and I’m a fellow [insert town name] blogger.  I love what you’re doing!” Or shoot them an email with the same information, telling them a little more about yourself.

Another option is to simply Google “[insert town name] blogger,” but that doesn’t always yield the most comprehensive list.  This is why I prefer to search local hashtags on social media.

I actually came across What Nicole Wore on Instagram, who is now one of my best blogging friends:)

How to Connect with Other Local Bloggers: Have Business Cards

Y’all, I try to always carry blog business cards on me. If someone compliments my outfit, hair, or makeup, then they get a business card.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and tell people that you’re a local blogger. You’ll be surprised at how times you may find other local bloggers or get suggestions for other local bloggers by doing this.

And if you do happen to meet another local blogger while you’re out, business cards are a quick way to exchange info so you can stay in touch.

How to Connect with Other Local Bloggers: Attend Local Events

If there’s one thing bloggers love, it’s local events hosted by brands around town.  When you see a local event happening that looks interesting, try to go! I’ve met quite a few of my blogger buddies at events I’ve attended, like local markets or grand opening events.

How to Connect with Other Local Bloggers: Put Yourself Out There

At the end of the day, the ONLY way to meet and connect with other local bloggers is to put yourself out there.  You CANNOT wait around and expect that people will automatically come to you.  YOU have to take the initiative to find other local bloggers and reach out.

REMEMBER: Community is more important than competition.  And you should  NOT be reaching out to others because you want to use them to get a step up or to somehow increase your following.  You should be reaching out to others to connect and gain inspiration.  It should never be a selfish action. .


Once you have meet other local bloggers, it’s time to start building your local blogging community.  The best and easiest way to do this is to plan events together.  You can plan drinks or a quick dinner.  OR you can put together an epic blogger brunch like the Lexington blogger fam recently held.

How did this come about? One night in March, I attended an event with Kayla Weber Art and the girls of Hartley Social. We started talking, and that night was the beginning of the Lex Blogger Fam.  “Hey, we should start an Instagram group,” was the start.  Then, once we found out that Kayla’s parents, who were also attending the event, owned the Barn at Springhouse (a local wedding venue).  I was like “hey, we should have a very Instagram-able picnic at your place!” Well, you can see what that escalated into.  This rustic brunch setup is what happens when you have a bunch of creative minds get together!

I just want to say that I’m so thankful for my Lex Blogger Fam–these bloggers are the best!!!! They inspire, encourage, and pick you up when you are down.  They are friends who get what you are going through.  So have fun scrolling through the pictures from our brunch, and check out their blogs for all the details below!!!



Taylor Camacho | The Stylish Tales of Tay

Kelsey Bauer | KabKitchen

Emily Ho | Authentically Emmie

Sarah Caton | Space, Place & Southern Grace

Courtney Hastings | Kentucky Girl Ramblings

Tif Fannin | Bright on a Budget

Katie Mullen & Anna Towle | Hartley Social

Francis Lee Baker | Lee’s Lookbook

Kayla Nord | Kayla Weber Art

Whitney Scheibel | Fabulous in Fayette

Ella Rutledge | Girl Meets Lex

Bronwyn Butler | Basically Bronwyn

Stephanie Hargis | This Lexington Life

Leela Foley | Lex Eats

Emily Riddle | Miss Molly Vintage

Lisa Coe | Candor and Rose

Amanda Zopp | Salt & Life Blog

How to Connect with Other Local Bloggers and Host an Epic Blogger Brunch

Special thanks to all the vendors who contributed to our special goodie bags: Shop Local KY, Miss Molly VintageAJ ApothecaryShop TwentyMorton JamesSpringhouse GardensWhole Foods Lexington, and Kentucky Yarnbirds.

Our brunch was held at The Barn at Springhouse in Nicholasville, Kentucky. Thanks to Springhouse Gardens for graciously hosting us!

All photos taken by Kirstie Dunston Photography.


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  1. 8.2.17

    OMG this is gorgeous! I recently hosted a blogger event myself which was SO fun! It is great to get together with a group of like minded women!

    Michelle ||

  2. 8.2.17
    Molly said:

    What a GORGEOUS setting! Looks like so much fun!

  3. 8.2.17
    Leela said:

    Such great tips! I’m so grateful for our little community:)

  4. 8.2.17

    i love all the flower crowns!!

  5. 8.2.17

    This looks so amazing! How fun! And I love your tips for meeting other local bloggers! I just finally launched my own blog and am here in Lexington as well. I’d love to know about any future meet ups you all have!

  6. 8.2.17

    This turned out so beautiful! Great tips for connecting with local creatives and building a mutually beneficial community 🙂

  7. 8.2.17
    Kellyann said:

    What a terrific idea and your brunch pictures are amazing! I want to go there!!! I have to lagh too about the business cards because a few times this Summer I’ve been out with my 17 year old son shopping and someone compliments what I’m wearing. He finally said to me, “mom you really need business cards or at least tell people you’re a blogger” he’s right and so are you! I’m working on it, trying to get a theme and a new look for my blog. Your ideas for connecting with other local bloggers was just what I needed.

  8. 8.2.17
    Kasey said:

    I absolutely love connecting with new bloggers at brunch! How fun! That barn looks so amazing, too!

  9. 8.2.17
    Sydney Power said:

    Way to Go! The Blogger Event looks like it was a great success, with a lots of activities, giveaways and an amazing location. Cheers to You!

  10. 8.2.17
    Stephanie said:

    This looks like such a fantastic gathering!! I would love to attend such a blogger event.

  11. 8.2.17
    Whitney Jordan said:

    What a gorgeous gathering!! It’s perfection with the flowers, the setting, the beautiful bloggers. Way to go 🙂 Wish I lived just a little bit closer to you.

  12. 8.3.17

    Oh. my. goodness! This is amazing friend!! Ah-mazing!!! I totally want to do this now!!

  13. 8.3.17

    We started a little group when I first began blogging but it quickly fell apart. I need to take charge again and try to get it rolling.

  14. 8.3.17
    Jess said:

    WOW, that certainly is an epic blogger brunch!! Strangely, the majority of the bloggers i’ve just organically met online are from the midwest, haha!

  15. 8.3.17
    Dara said:

    I love the photos. So awhile ago I tried to meet other local bloggers. Some weren’t in my niche, most seemed uninterested in relationship building. The truth is that a lot of us bloggers are more writers than socializers I think! lol. However, I love the idea of connecting via instagram and I’m totally going to try that!

  16. 8.3.17
    Sydney said:

    This is beyond the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! The venue & decorations are all so rustic & adorable! I haven’t had much luck finding local bloggers but hopefully I’ll be able to find some great gals to brunch and chat over all things blogging!!
    xo, Syd

  17. 8.3.17

    Love your tips for connecting with other bloggers! It has been wonderful getting to know all of you. I’m a bit of an introvert so it was a little scary for me to meet up with a bunch of strangers at the Shake Shack but I am so, so glad Ella invited me and that I pushed myself! Looking forward to so many future events and get togethers!

  18. 8.3.17
    Heather said:

    I loved seeing pics of this event and how wonderful to find out one of the girls had a connection to that beautiful space! Great tips, too!

  19. 8.4.17
    Carolina Hellal Alvarez said:

    Such a cute event! You all look amazing and love all the decor! Connecting with local bloggers is the best 🙂

  20. 8.4.17
    Jill said:

    These are great tips! Connecting with other bloggers is my favorite thing about blogging! The blogger brunch looks amazing!

    Doused in Pink

  21. 8.4.17
    Sarah Tucker said:

    Such great tips. Inspires me to meet more bloggers in our area!

  22. 8.4.17

    OMG look at all you gorgeous ladies!! And that venue is everything!!

    How 2 Wear It []

  23. 8.4.17
    Noelle Marotta said:

    Such a great post! I absolutely love this brunch idea and have been wondering a lot recently about how to connect with other bloggers. Even though you know you’re not the only one blogging it definitely feels a little like an alternate reality at times. Well since I’m just starting. lol!

  24. 8.5.17
    Taylor Dietrich said:

    This is awesome. Such great ways to connect. And this brunch looks amazing. Love when bloggers support each other.

  25. 8.10.17
    GH Client said:

    This looks like such a fun blogger event! Love the build your own flower crown bar.

    Megan |

  26. 8.13.17
    Adriana said:

    Such a fun post!
    Thanks for sharing girlie!