Little Black Dress with Statement Sleeves + First Trimester Bumpdate

little black dress with puffy statement sleeves

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Today I wanted to share an outfit that I wore to the event I recently hosted with Goody’s, and share my first bumpdate with y’all.

little black dress with puffy statement sleeves little black dress with puffy statement sleeves little black dress with puffy statement sleeves little black dress with puffy statement sleeves little black dress with puffy statement sleeves little black dress with puffy statement sleeves little black dress with puffy statement sleeves little black dress with puffy statement sleeves

Dress: Lennie c/o Goody’s // Booties: Jellypop c/o Goody’s (also here) // Earrings: Sugarfix via Target //  Handbag: Louis Vuitton // Necklace: Kendra Scott


As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently co-hosted an event with Goody’s featuring fall makeup and fashion.  I immediately fell in love with this dress.  The puffy statement sleeves are absolutely beautiful, and add movement to the outfit. This dress is perfect for fall.  I actually sized up so that I could get more wear out of it as the bump grows.

These distressed booties are fun!  I wanted something that contrasted with the dress. I know some of you probably still abide by the old rule of not mixing brown and black, but toss that rule out the window!

You can actually snag both my dress and my shoes for an additional 40% off today with the code SAIL.  That makes my dress under $35 (org. $80) and my shoes just $30 (org. $70)!


This bumpdate actually goes a little past the first trimester, but I thought I’d catch you up to speed on everything.

How are you feeling? 

Overall, I feel pretty good, other than having bronchitis right now. While I experienced a lot of nausea during my first trimester, I only threw up twice.

Are you finding out what you’re having?

Are you kidding me?!lol  Of course we are! I’m too much of a planner not to.  Actually, we may or may not be keeping a secret right now. . . .

How does Kane feel about being a big brother?

Kane has been asking for a baby for about two years now.  I distinctly remember laying in bed with him one night and he asked me for a sister.haha And since then, it’s flopped back and forth between wanting a sister and wanting a brother. When he found out we were having a baby, he was so excited! Kane frequently kisses and hugs my belly, and tells the baby “good morning” and “good night.”

In fact, I took him to pick out somethings for the baby shortly after I knew I was pregnant.  He picked out a gender neutral outfit, a dinosaur stuffed animal, and a little toy.  He wasn’t happy I wouldn’t get the baby a wooden train set he was convinced the baby would love. And he had an absolute meltdown when I wouldn’t buy the baby a set of bibs. He was crying and screaming, “but the baby will get food all over it!”

What made you decide to have a second baby?

Duh–all those people asking me when we were going to have another one [insert eye roll]. This is such a complicated answer. I’m thinking about doing a blog post on our decision, so the answer is probably better off saved for it. I feel very blessed to be pregnant, and so thankful to be experiencing pregnancy for a second time.

Any cravings?

Food in I have Chick-fil-a for breakfast 5-6 days per week. I also get cravings for sour candy.  And I’ve been wanting Mexican food more than usual.

How is your body changing?

So far, I’ve gained 10-13 lbs. My non-maternity pants stopped buttoning several weeks ago, but I can still fit in some of my non-maternity shirts. I will probably continue to mix maternity and non-maternity clothes (sized up) for as long as I can. \

Have you felt the baby move?

Yes! I’ve felt little baby flutters since 13w4d. I was laying on the couch with Kane when I knew for sure I felt the baby moving. It was the sweetest thing!  I’m still not feeling consistent movement, but the flutters are getting stronger!




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  1. 10.10.17
    Whitney Jordan said:

    You’re looking great! Statement sleeves… I didn’t even know that was a thing 🙂 I found a cute floral shirt that I think will fit in this category nicely for Fall. Glad you and baby are doing well!!

  2. 10.10.17
    Kay R. said:

    You look great and how sweet that Kane has been asking for so long. Cant wait for the post on your decision.

  3. 10.10.17
    Stephanie said:

    Well look at you and your little bump!! You look so small still so rock that little black dress girlfriend.

  4. 10.11.17
    Dara said:

    You look adorable. I really need something with sleeves like that!

  5. 10.12.17

    I am so excited for you and your family! You look amazing and I love the darker lip!

  6. 10.13.17

    What a cute dress! I love the sleeves!

  7. 10.17.17

    This dress is so cute! So excited to follow along with your pregnancy and see your bump grow. Such an amazing time!

  8. 10.17.17

    Adorable look! I love the statement sleeves and booties.

    Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

    Jennie – A Pocketful of Polka Dots

  9. 10.22.17

    Tif, this dress is fabulous! What’s better than a versatile LBD with fabulous statement sleeves?! And those booties are adorable. Thanks so much for sharing your baby bump update. How exciting to be experiencing pregnancy again. It is so different the second time around, isn’t it?! You are looking amazing. I hope your bronchitis goes away soon. Being sick and pregnant can be awful. I, too, am currently battling something (bronchitis as well, most likely, and I have completely lost my voice now for three days). Thank you so much for linking up with me!