Important Lessons I’ve Learned in 4 Years of Blogging

Yellow and purple floral high-low hem dress for spring

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This weekend made four years since I started blogging! W O W.  Time flies when you’re  acting like you have it all together having fun.  Bright on a Budget officially launched on St. Patrick’s Day 2014. Kane was nine months old and Chauncey said I needed a hobby besides reading trashy romance novels.  Just like that, the blog was born.

Yellow and purple floral high-low hem dress for spring Yellow and purple floral high-low hem dress for spring Yellow and purple floral high-low hem dress for spring Yellow and purple floral high-low hem dress for spring Yellow and purple floral high-low hem dress for spring Yellow and purple floral high-low hem dress for spring Yellow and purple floral high-low hem dress for spring Yellow and purple floral high-low hem dress for spring Yellow and purple floral high-low hem dress for spring Yellow and purple floral high-low hem dress for spring

Dress: c/o PinkBlush // Shoes: Target $30 // Earrings: c/o Sugarfix at Target // Purse: Rebecca Minkoff on sale for $148! // Necklace: Wedding gift from Chauncey // Watch: Apple // Bangle: David Yurman // Sunglasses: Amazon Fashion

The blog has grown more than I ever expected.  Especially in the last year of blogging, I’ve been given some amazing opportunities. I thought I would share four important lessons I’ve learned in four year of blogging. Even if you’re not a blogger, these concepts apply just as well in everyday life.

1. Know your worth.

Blogging is something that I’ve invested a lot of time in from Day 1. I’m proud of the little space I’ve created. When you put time and effort into a quality production, know your worth. Don’t let anyone tear down what you’ve built.  Don’t let anyone undervalue you, whether it’s a brand, another blogger, or even yourself.

2. Do your own thing.

It’s so easy to play the comparison hame. SO EASY.  But I’m happiest when I do my own thing and focus on what I’m doing, not what everyone else is doing.  If you find yourself playing the comparison game, take a step back and ask yourself why.  You will never be happy if you’re always chasing someone’s look, success, Instagram following, etc.  Set your own goals and work hard to get there. Competition can be healthy, but not when you let it define who you are and what you’re doing.

3. If it doesn’t work, don’t push it.

My friend Nicole and I have talked about this many times before–if it doesn’t work, don’t push it. Sometimes, you just can’t make something happen, whether it’s the shot you wanted or the direction you wanted to take on a post. Sometimes things just don’t work.  And maybe they work for someone else, but they just don’t work for you. I would’ve saved so much time in the beginning if I would’ve followed this guideline.  Now I know how to recognize when something just isn’t working.  The sooner you realize something isn’t working, the quicker you can change directions towards something that does work.

4. Invest in your community.

When I first started blogging, I felt like there were no other bloggers in Lexington that were small-scale like me. Then I slowly started meeting and making friends with other local bloggers.  It took several years before the #LexBloggerFam was born, but I made tons of connections along the way.  Building a community of like-minded bloggers and creatives is so important, because they will lift you up when your down, inspire you, and empower you.  It’s amazing what you can create and build when you band together with others as part of a community. I’m also parts of several other online blogging communities that have provided a wealth of support.

If you’re blogging, I hope these lessons help you out!

Also, today would have been Karoline’s due date. I can’t believe she decided to arrive to the party 18 days early since her momma is late for everything.haha I miss the belly but I’m glad to have the extra days with her here.

I’ll be returning to my regular posting schedule this week.  Thanks for bearing with me as I’ve adjusted to being a mom to two littles:)

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  1. 3.19.18

    Congrats on FOUR years of blogging! That’s such a great accomplishment. I’m SO glad you and I connected through H54F – you have been such a blessing to me both as a friend and as fellow blogger. I’m so excited for all the fun things your blog has enabled you to do! <3

  2. 3.19.18

    Congratulations! You look beautiful in this dress and I definitely agree with everything you said. Blogging is not for the faint of heart so it’s definitely important to know your worth!

  3. 3.20.18
    Dara said:

    Congrats on 4 years and great advice here. Just this week, a brand sent me the wrong product and when I told them, they asked me to review it anyway. I was like no! I can’t write a review on something I didn’t want!

  4. 3.20.18
    Gentry said:

    What an anniversary- congrats!!! Your blog is so happy and bright & I love keeping up with your family and style. Keep doing YOU! Cheers to many more years 🙂

  5. 3.20.18
    Whitney Jordan said:

    Great advice! Happy bloggy birthday. Love your blog and love what you do. You look gorgeous in these pictures. I can always count on you for some bright outfit inspiration.

  6. 3.21.18

    Preach it sister!! But really unless you are a blogger, I don’t think you get how cut throat it can be. It’s so easy to get lost. Stay true to you for sure.

  7. 3.21.18

    Happy Blogiversary! So much fun in the past four years, friend!