Living Room Refresh for $150

This post is sponsored by Gordman’s. All opinions are my own. 

I’ve hated my living room since we moved into our house. H a t e d  it. Yes, it was functional, but it was also ugly. Honestly, I’ve wanted to redo it for the three years we’ve lived there, but it can be expensive to completely overhaul a room (I hate furniture buying almost as much as I hate car buying). Fast forward to this past weekend, where I went into Gordman’s as a woman on a mission–my goal was to refresh our living for under $150.

Crystal lamp: Gordman’s (their price $120, Gordman’s price $49.99, on sale for $36.98) // Area rug: Gordman’s (their price $120, Gordman’s price $59.99, on sale for $38.98) // Gold wire basket: Gordman’s (Gordman’s price $17.99, on sale for $8.98) // Owl statute: Gordman’s (Gordman’s price $3.99)// Blush pillows: Gordman’s (Gordman’s price $24.99 for both)// Furry pillows:Gordman’s (Gordman’s price $12.99 each, one was on sale for $9.74) // Turquoise picture frame: Gordman’s (Gordman’s price $7.99)

My goal with my living room refresh for under $150 was to create a cozy space that my family could truly relax in.  I also wanted to brighten up my space. And of course I wanted some trendy updates to my living room on a budget.

Living Room Refresh for $150 with Gordmans--lighting, rugs, pillows, decor

Gordman’s is an ideal place to do any room refresh on a budget.  Gordman’s is a discount store that carries everything from clothing and shoes to toys and home decor. It’s a one-stop shop for home decor, as you can get almost everything you need to redecorate your space. It was a natural choice for where to go when I decide to redecorate my living room on a budget.

Step 1 in refreshing your living room: don’t tell your husband.haha I texted Chauncey to ask his opinion on which lamp to get. He started complaining, so I decided I needed to just make some executive decisions on my own. 

Living Room Refresh for $150 with Gordmans

Previously, I had a dinky little lamp on my console table. I have no lighting in my living room ceiling, so I rely on lamps for lighting.  That one was underwhelming to say the least. I found this beautiful crystal lamp that checked all of the boxes I was looking for: it gave off more light than the other lamp, had a white shade, was tall enough to add some height to the table arrangement, and really was a statement piece. Quality lamps can be SO expensive–I was thrilled that this one was under $40. Gordman’s had a great selection of pretty lamps, and it was hard to make a decision (which goes back to the texting saga).

The rest of my budget went to detail pieces.  I snagged the turquoise picture frame for my print from Kayla Weber Art since it matched my console table. The owl piece is all white, which is fresh and quirky. I needed something to put my throws in, so I snagged the gold wire basket to place on the bottom of the console table. Gold and white accents are easy ways to refresh your living room and give it a trendy, modern feel.

All-in-all, I spent $144.64 pre-tax on my living room refresh with Gordman’s!!! I was so excited. My buggy was overflowing when I got up to the register, and some things ended up being even cheaper than the price tags! I love that I was able to snag everything all in one trip to one place.


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  1. 8.29.18
    Dara said:

    Fun updates!

  2. 8.29.18
    katie Mondulick said:

    Love it so much! It’s so colorful & fun!
    XO, Katie |

  3. 8.29.18

    Looks great! Those accent pieces make a big difference in a space and it’s nice to not have to spend tons of money on them. We could be the perfect shopping team – I hate to shop for clothes but love shopping for home decor! 🙂

    • 8.29.18

      Hahah yes!!! But then we’d be broke? BTW, I ended up finding a more functional but small cart for my bathroom and just got it put together.

  4. 8.29.18
    Sierra said:

    It looks so good! I love the items you went with and the pops of color! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  5. 9.4.18
    bybmg said:

    I love the pineapple print!