Why I Went to a Blogging Conference

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If you follow along on Instagram stories, then you know that I went to The Blog Societies Conference in Alpharetta, Georgia last weekend. This was the very first blogger conference I have ever attended, so I wanted to share why I went to a blogger conference.

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I have been a member of The Blog Societies for a couple of years now. Each year, they hold an annual blogger conference.  Last year’s conference was in Chicago, and I really wanted to go, but the timing was off and I had just found out I was pregnant with Karoline. So I made a promise to myself to go this year.

Fast forward to when tickets became available this year. I didn’t know who was going, but I knew that I WAS going. I bought my ticket and booked my hotel. Honestly, it was a little scary to sign up to go to a blog conference that none of my close blogging buddies were going to.  I knew, however, that it was important to my growth as a blogger and I just felt this need to go.

Now, many of you probably know that I am nursing Karoline, so I didn’t feel comfortable leaving her overnight. I called my mom up and asked if she’d go with me so that I could bring Karoline along. And then Kane ended up along for the ride as one last adventure before Kindergarten started. When you want something bad enough in life, you make it happen. You move things around, come up with creative solutions, and DO IT!

I went to a blogger conference because I wanted to grow as a blogger. I don’t think that you ever stop learning in life. That’s especially true when it comes to blogging. The blogisphere is ever-changing, and it’s important to be PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE.  And boy did I learn at #TBSCON!

I went to a blogger conference because I wanted to connect with other bloggers and network with brands. Guys, in this neck of the woods, it’s community over competition every day of the week. I met old friends for the very first time IRL that I’ve known for years through blogger.  I met new friends that I had so much in common with (lots of strong mommas there). It was amazing to be at #TBScon with a bunch of women who are ready to roll and take on the world.

And most importantly, I went to a blogger conference because I wanted to be inspired. Just like with anything else, you can fall into a routine with blogging. It was wonderful being around so many creatives. I was really able to bring clarity to some new ideas I have for this little piece of the internet, and I was able to brainstorm some cool content.

Just in case you’re wondering, it went fine with Kane and Karoline tagging along. My mom is amazing. She took them to eat, took them to the pool, and hung out with them so I could participate in all of the activities.

As for the conference itself, I’ll be sharing some recaps soon in hopes that you’ll be able to draw some inspiration yourself, no matter what profession you’re in:)


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