5 Tips for Attending a Blogger Conference

I had such a positive experience at The Blog Societies Conference, so I thought it may be helpful to share some tips for attending a blogging conference.  Not that I’m a blogging conference expert, but these are some solid tips based on my experience of attending my first blog conference.

TIPS FOR ATTENDING A BLOGGING CONFERENCE: Find a Blogging Conference That Fits Your Niche

I blog about fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. Many girls in The Blog Societies blog about the same things, so I knew I’d be in good company. It wouldn’t have made sense for me to go to a conference that focused on travel blogging or food blogging ONLY. I like that this conference was focused on practical things that bloggers from ANY niche could apply.

TIPS FOR ATTENDING A BLOGGING CONFERENCE: Know if You Have to Be a Member to Attend

For #TBScon, it’s required that you are an active member of The Blog Societies to purchase your ticket and attend the conference. Find this out before you register–you don’t want to throw money down the drain on what may be a non-refundable ticket.

TIPS FOR ATTENDING A BLOGGING CONFERENCE: Review the List of Activities to Make Sure It’s in Line with What You’re Looking For

Everyone has different goals for what they hope to take away from a blogging conference. Review the schedules activities to make sure it has what you’re looking for. I was attracted to #TBScon because it’s a mix of learning and networking.

TIPS FOR ATTENDING A BLOGGING CONFERENCE: Tickets Are Often Limited, So Sign Up When Registration Opens

For #TBScon, there was a limited number of spots (75) for attendees to ensure that it was a great, tailored experience for everyone. Typically, there will be a way to sign-up for emails so that you know when tickets go on sale, etc. Be sure to pay attention, and mark any important dates on your calendar.


When you go to a blogging conference, be prepared to network. This may require stepping outside of your comfort zone, but it’s worth it! Put yourself out there–be ready to introduce yourself to brands and fellow bloggers. Don’t forget business cards, because you’ll be handing them out every time you turn around. I don’t know what networking is sometimes given a negative connotation. That’s what these conferences are for! Look for ways you can connect with others and grow.  After all, we’re all in this blogging thing together!

You can see a full recap of #TBScon here to get a feel for what really happens at a blogging conference. And you can read more about the importance of building your tribe here.


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  1. 9.13.18

    Great tips! How do you find out about blogging conferences though?? I would love to attend some locally (as travel isn’t in feasible at the moment), but never know how to find them.

  2. 9.14.18

    Great tips, and I love that you were the pop of color in that first picture 🙂 Blogging conferences are so out of my comfort zone! I’ve been to one and it was only fun because I went with a bunch of blogging friends.