Why Every Girl Needs a Tribe + High Five for Friday Linkup

Thanks to Sarah of Space, Place, and Southern Grace for opening her home to us and taking these awesome pics!

Life can be hectic. Life can be hard. But if you surround yourself with people you can depend on, then  your life with be infinitely easier. This leads to one of the best lessons I learned in my twenties–every girl needs a tribe.

Find your tribe, and lean into it. Your tribe should be there to support you, and vice versa.  You should be able to speak open and honestly with your tribe.  They should be there to support you, and you should in turn support them. Cultivate your tribe like a flower garden.  Plant the seeds of relationships, water it with support, and don’t be afraid the cull the dead flowers out of it.  Yep, sometimes you have to weed people from your tribe, and that’s ok. Otherwise, the rot from the dead flowers spreads to the rest of your tribe garden.

Your tribe should be your sounding board. Your tribe should be your safe haven for sharing your hopes and dreams. Some of my best ideas over the last year have come from sharing with my tribe and building upon each others ideas. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when everyone is working together to see EVERYONE succeed.

BUT. . .

LEAVE THE COMPETITION AT THE DOOR! In tribes, there isn’t room for competition, but there’s all kinds of room for collaboration. Instead of trying to stab each other in the back, work together to see what you can accomplish. But don’t use your tribe just to try to get a step up. . . you should give just as much, if not more, than you take.

Every girl needs a tribe so that they can flourish. I’m very blessed with my tribe, part of which is the Lex Blogger Fam and my H54F girls. It’s so refreshing to be a part of a group of dream chasers that celebrates your successes and helps you to overcome your defeats. Surround yourself with a good support system and there’s no limit to what you can do.


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4 thoughts on “Why Every Girl Needs a Tribe + High Five for Friday Linkup

  1. Monica L

    What a great post! I just moved to Austin and I can’t wait to try and build a tribe here. I still have my sister family(aka tribe) but we are all spread out across the country now.


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