How to Pick the Perfect Fragrance: Gift Guide for the Holidays

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Fragrance is always a popular gift for Christmas, but it can be a difficult gift to get just right. The scent someone wears is so personal, and fragrances can smell different on individual people.  Here’s some practical advice for how to identify the right cologne/fragrance gifts for your significant other this holiday season.


First and foremost, before going shopping for fragrance gifts, know any hard limits that your significant other has when it comes to fragrance. Are there certain fragrances your partner loves? Any certain fragrances your partner hates? More importantly, are there any fragrances that your partner is allergic to? These questions are the perfect starting point and will help you narrow down the many choices that are out there.

TIPS FOR BUYING FRAGRANCE GIFTS: Investigate the Fragrance

The next important tip for buying fragrance gifts for your significant other is to investigate the fragrances you’re looking at. This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I don’t suggest picking out a perfume or cologne based on the look of the packaging and/or bottle.haha If you are shopping in store, smell each of the fragrances you’re looking at so you can get a true feel for the fragrance and whether your significant other will like it. If you’re shopping online, read the notes about each fragrance to see what the fragrance notes are. The fragrance notes is basically a scent ingredient list that tells you what smells each scene is comprised of.


At the end of the day, you’re ultimately buying the fragrance gift for your significant other, so it should be a scent they will love. But at the same time, I think it should be a scent that YOU find pleasing as well. Scent can play a part in your attraction to your significant other. Don’t buy a fragrance you hate for your signature other, as you’ll be smelling it a lot.

Kohl’s is a great place to buy fragrance gifts for your significant other this holiday season, as they have a large collection of fragrance for both men and women! You can shop in-store or online, which makes things easy during the busy holiday season.

Lacoste Blanc from Kohl’s is perfect for Chauncey. This masculine Eau de Lacoste cologne has a powerful scent that blends both woody and herbal components, and is great for everyday wear.  It’s fragrance notes are grapefruit, rosemary, cardamom, cedar leaf, natural tuberose, ylang ylang, olibanum, cedar wood, georgy wood, and vetiver.

Philosophy Fresh Cream from Kohl’s is a great option for me! It’s a light, everyday scent that is delicately sweet without being overwhelming. It’s meant to be delightful to your senses and bring pure joy when whiffed.

These are both fantastic options that you can use for gifts or stocking stuffers on Christmas. You don’t be to be intimidated about buying fragrance gifts this season—just follow this guide and Kohl’s will do the rest!

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