Why Santa Doesn’t Leave the Moon Under Our Tree


Kane is so excited for Santa to come this year! Karoline will be next year. We love the joy and excitement of the season. But Santa doesn’t leave the moon under our tree, and I wanted to explain why.

Growing up, Santa always left stockings of small gifts and candy at my house. I always woke up on Christmas morning excited to see what he had left inside my stocking. Stockings are so nostalgic to me.

Fast forward to Kane’s first Christmas. When Santa started visiting Kane at our house, he started a new tradition: Santa brings a couple of small/inexpensive toys Kane asked for, along with a stocking of candy. Kane knows Santa doesn’t bring the big stuff.

Why doesn’t Santa being the big stuff? Because Santa has millions of kids to buy for around the world, and his sleigh, while magical, can only hold so much. Plus, Santa doesn’t like making differences amongst kids. He doesn’t like to bring one an iPad and one just candy. And he’s always watching, so he knows kids talks.

I don’t ever want another child to feel like less because Kane got a big gift from Santa and the other child didn’t. Those who believe in Santa should feel all the magic of the season, and not feel like they are somehow less because Santa didn’t leave as much under the tree.

As parents, it’s our job to manage our children’s expectations, not just for the holidays, but for life. If you want to buy your kids big gifts (and that’s cool—we do!), then give the gifts to your kids yourself. And talk with Santa and make sure he knows what the limits are 🙂

aanta doesn’t have to leave the moon under the tree for Christmas to be magical and full of wonder. As Kane said this week (when trying to convince me to give Chauncey his  gifts early), Christmas isn’t about presents—it’s about family.

I hope each and everyone of you have the merriest of Christmases this year! And remember, at the end of the day, Jesus is the reason for the season.



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