Karoline’s First Year: Baby’s Monthly Milestone Pictures

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Happy first birthday to Karoline! Karoline turned one on Friday! With Kane, I took a monthly picture of him wearing his little month sticker, and I did the same with Karoline (for the most part), but I also added in milestone blocks.  Here are my tips for taking monthly milestone pictures for baby’s first year.

Milestone blocks (similar) // Milestone bow (similar) // Milestone stickers (similar)                     Rug // Bunny


  1. Choose a well-lit location. I took the pics in Karoline’s nursery with the windows open and used a ring light.
  2. Eliminate background clutter. I did this by taking the photos on a plain white rug with Karoline laying down.
  3. Use blocks, stickers, and/or a bow to show baby’s age. I had to get two sets of blocks because I also did weekly pictures, and you’ll need an extra block to run through all the numbers to 52, but if you’re doing just monthly pics, you don’t have to worry about it. I personally think the milestone blankets that have become so popular are hard to get good pics on, especially as baby gets older.
  4. Add a stuff animal to show baby’s size in comparison. These Jellycat bunnies come in a variety of colors and are so soft!
  5. Take the picture in the same location each time.
  6. Set an alarm to remind you to take the picture.

These pictures were a pain, but I’m so glad I invested the effort to do these monthly milestone pictures for her first year! Babies’ looks change so quickly. I also suggest doing videos of them each time you do these pics, and saying a little something about what is happening developmentally each month.

You can read Karoline’s birth story here, and see my weekly bump pictures throughout pregnancy here.

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