New Hair: Brunette Balayage + High Five for Friday Linkup

Thank you to Katie Noel at Bak 4 More Salon for gifting my hair services. All opinions are my own, as always.

New hair, who dis? Two weeks ago, I started on a hair journey that I wanted to share with y’all. Previously, I had been getting my hair done in eastern Kentucky by Ginger at Le Rose Hair Salon (if you live in eastern Kentucky and are looking for a new hair stylist, definitely check her out!). But life has been too hectic for me to travel to eastern Kentucky to get my hair done on a healthy schedule, and I had already started going to Katie for my trim in-between visits.


Pregnancy ruined my hair this time around, and it really needed some TLC. Tons of split ends, breakage, and dry, no matter what products I used on it. It also wasn’t curling well. I looked at my hair in the mirror one day and realized that if there was any hope of me getting my hair back in good shape, then I had to start doing regular salon visits again (not just when I had time to work it in). And I knew that to truly get on a good schedule, I needed to make the switch and get my hair colored in Lexington so that I wouldn’t put off appointments longer than necessary. So I messaged Katie Noel at Bak 4 More Salon and here we are.


I knew I wanted to change things up and try something different, so I went in two weeks ago to start the process with Katie. We were going for balayage coloring that was more heavy on top and darker underneath.  We had to darken everything we didn’t balayage as my old highlights went up close to my roots underneath. Then she did the balayage. We also did a couple of treatments during the appointment to help my color take well and improve its overall health.

I wanted to work towards having more blonde balayage color, but we decide to do the color in two steps to keep my hair healthy. Typically, when your a dark brunette going blonde, there’s going to be a weird orange-ish shade. And honestly, if you’re doing it in a way that’s not going to fry your hair, you should be doing it in stages.


I went back this week to finish the color process and am in love with how it turned out! The brunette balayage is so dimensional! I’m sharing pics of it both straight and curled, as it looks completely different both ways.

If you’re in Lexington, KY and looking for a new hair stylist that’s excellent with color, I highly recommend Katie Noel at Bak 4 More Salon! She’s a Redken certified colorist and great at what she does. If it’s your first time at Bak 4 More, you can mention my name/blog and you’ll get $20 off your first appointment!


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High Five for Friday Linkup

TGIF!!! Della at Della Devoted, Becky at BYBMG, Whitney J at Polka Dotty Place, Whitney P at Come Home for Comfort, and myself want to welcome you to the High Five for Friday link-up and the weekend. We made it! High Five for Friday is where we come together to share our favorite posts we’ve written throughout the week. Drop up to 3 links below!


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