What to Buy for a Last Minute Trip

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We decided to go to Charleston, SC for spring break very last minute trip. As in, we booked on Friday morning, worked all day, and then left for the beach at 4 a.m. Saturday morning. That evening, I had to pack for myself and the kids. Instead of stressing over what clothes I had clean or what I even had to wear, I made a quick shopping run to Old Navy and Target since I didn’t have time to hunt for things at my house.

dress (same print, different fits here and here) // wedges // necklace c/o // clutch // sunglasses

WHAT TO BUY FOR A LAST MINUTE TRIP: Make Your Packing List First

The very first thing I do is pull up my packing list in the Notes app on my phone. My list has little checkmarks circles beside each item so I can check them off as I go. I add to it through-out the day as I remember items that I need for the specific trip.


I knew that I was out of some of my travel toiletries at home, so when I ran in Target, I made sure to pick up all-new travel toiletries so I could just toss them in a cosmetic bag when I got home. I made sure to get a pack of cheap toothbrushes, empty bottles for shampoo and conditioner, and travel-sized shave cream, deodorant, etc. I almost forgot sunscreen, but grabbed it in the register aisle last minute.


My first stop was actually to Old Navy. They were having a great sale, so I picked up two dresses, including the one I’m wearing here, a pair of white jeans, and two t-shirts. I knew that with those pieces, I could grab some items from my closet and be packed. I looked for easy, casual pieces that could be mixed-and-matched if needed.


Don’t forget to grab some sunglasses! I spied these pastel pink sunglasses for $15 and was sold. Pastel pink sunglasses are THE sunglasses trend to wear for spring, and these have a great shape to them.

My last minute shopping trip for my last minute trip made packing so much easier! And I loved wearing this polka dot dress. It was effortless chic, and would also be the perfect polka dot Easter dress too. Just pair it with some neutrals, and avoid black shoes.

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