Tips for Packing Your Jewelry for a Trip

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Whenever I travel, I always take multiple pieces of jewelry with me–statement earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. I used to just toss it down in my bags, which ended up with me losing pieces of jewelry. Next, I graduated on to zip lock bags or little drawstring pouches. That was better, but things ended up being a giant mess. So today, I wanted to share my tips for packing jewelry for a trip.

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When it comes to packing jewelry, taking a little extra time to be thoughtful in packing can save you a lot of headaches. Here are my tips for packing jewelry for a trip:

1. Pick up an actual jewelry organizer. No, you should just toss your jewelry in a drawstring bag or a ziplock bag. Make sure to pack your jewelry in an actual jewelry organizer with zippers so that things don’t easily fall out and aren’t a huge jumble. Look for one that has separate compartments and will easily fit into a carry-on bag if you’re flying. Mine is a recent purchase from the Vera Bradley outlet (I believe around $15). It’s not available online but you can call any outlet store and they will ship to you. I’ve also linked some similar ones above.

2. If you’re packing necklaces that tangle, just wear them instead. Y’all, save yourself the headache and just wear any necklace that’s prone to tangling. Yes, even if you are taking multiple ones–layering necklaces is very on trend.

3. Sort jewelry based on size. You’ll want to keep your big items and small items separate. When you put small items in with big items, you tend to lose the small items or to have to dig for them.

4. If you have a fragile piece of jewelry, make sure it’s well packed. I always save little pieces of bubble wrap for this purpose. You should always wrap fragile pieces well before placed them in your travel organizer. You may even want to consider putting any fragile pieces into a separate container/organizer altogether.

5. Use tiny zip lock bags if necessary. If you don’t have enough containers to keep everything separated to your liking, use the tiny zip lock bags to further separate your jewelry, especially to keep earring matches together, etc.

I hope these tips for packing jewelry when traveling really help out! Also, how cute are these pieces of jewelry? Each piece is on sale from Baublebar right now, so run and get them!

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