7 Ideas for Documenting the First Day of School

Kane’s first day of school was yesterday. I can’t believe he’s in first grade now, but here we are. The start of each school year seems like such a momentous occasion. It’s a new beginning, full of excitement with a little bit of nervousness.

I like to document the first day of each school year, so I thought I’d share some ideas for documenting the first day of school.

Idea #1: Fill out a back-to-school chalkboard.

We fill out a back-to-school chalkboard for the first and last days of school. I’ve been letting Kane fill his out in his own handwriting (I help with spelling). It’s so cute to see not only how his answers change, but also how his handwriting does. Be sure to snap a pic of them holding the chalkboard!

Idea #2: Take a pic of their clothes, shoes, and backpack laid out.

This can be a regular photo or a flat-lay photo, like the one I did, with everything laid out and ready to go.

Idea #3: Do a back-to-school interview on video.

Before going to school that morning, interview your child on video. Ask them things like how old they are, what grade they’re going to, how they feel about going back to school, what their favorite book is, what their favorite movie is, what their favorite Pokemon is, etc. It’s so cute to look back on these answers later.

Idea #4: Snap a pic of them with their new teacher.

We actually snapped this pic on back-to-school orientation night, since the first day is so hectic with teachers. But be sure to get a pic of your child with their new teacher.

Idea #5: Snap a pic of them outside the door of the classroom with the room number and at their seat in class.

This is especially true in the little grades where they have assigned seats with their names on it.

Idea #6: If they ride the bus, take a picture of them getting off the bus.

Especially if it’s their first time riding the bus!

Idea #7: Video an after-school interview about how their day went.

I love getting Kane’s real-time take on how things went. It’s so cool to see the day through his eyes.

And yes, Kane has a black eye right now. It happened on my way to pick him up from his last day at summer camp. Bless his heart.

PRO-TIP: When taking these photos, or ANY photo of your child, be sure to turn on the Live photo option if you’re using an iPhone. Click edit, and you’ll have 15 different pictures to choose from. And don’t cut off their feet!

I know this may seem like a lot of ideas for how to document the first day of school, but trust me when I say that you’ll love looking back on these memories. You’ll never get these times back. And while your child may complain a little bit about doing these things, I promise they’ll look back on them and smile when they’re older!



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