Keeping Floors Clean for Playtime

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When you have a bigger age gap between kids like Chauncey and I, you forget things that babies do. One of the things I had forgotten was how impossible it is to keep toddlers out of the floor. They’re always playing on it, rolling around on it, or trying to eat off of it. It doesn’t matter to her what food Karoline has thrown in the floor, or how many cat hairs are on it. It’s enough to drive a parent up the walls with all the dust, dirt, and allergens.

So what’s a parent to do? Swiffer!!! Swiffer makes it easy to keep our floors clean and ready for playtime. Chauncey and I have sworn by Swiffer for years, even pre-baby. We like to use the Swiffer Dry Refills as step one to trap crumbs, hair, dirt, and dust. Then we use the Swiffer Wet Refills as step two. The Swiffer Wet Refills have a powerful cleaner that helps pull dirt from the floor and lock it away. Using this two-step approach helps make sure that our floors are clean for all of Karoline’s adventures, like playing with her play sets or rolling around with Kane.

Right now, through September 15, you can shop Sam’s Club and get an instant savings of $3 off the Swiffer Dry or Wet Refills. How awesome is that?!  It’s a great opportunity to stock up and save. And Sam’s Club is all about making it easy for parents–you can shop online and use FREE Club Pickup. You just walk in and out.

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