Why Birthdays Don’t Bother Me

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Cue the confetti because IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! Today I turn 33 years old. Twenty-five year old me is still wondering how the hell this happened and where all that time went to, but here we are.hahaha As my brother reminded me last night, I’m another year closer to 40. . .but that’s okay, because birthdays don’t bother me.

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When I was younger, my thirties seemed like they were light years away. Unthinkable, really, because that would mean I was getting O L D.  I turned 18. . .21. . .25. . .and all of a sudden, I as looking 30 right in the face. Then I passed it right on by and kept going. Each year, the clock keeps turning, but I’m okay with that. Another year on the scoreboard means another year I’m thankful to be alive.

Y’all, time is going to pass. You’re going to get old. You’re going to get wrinkles. Even if you bury your head in the sand and pretend to be 29 forever, your birth certificate still reads the same. And I, for one, am okay with that. Each year, I try to live life to the fullest and enjoy it.

A birthday shouldn’t just be a line in the sand or a milestone to pass. By negatively focusing on the marking of time, you’re missing out on the good stuff.  A birthday should be a celebration of YOU. Think about it. There’s just ONE of you. You should celebrate your day, and let others celebrate your day. Don’t miss out on the celebration just because you think age matters, because it doesn’t. My birth certificate say 33, but I’ll probably always be 25 at heart.

Thirty-two was awesome. Each year, I feel like I’ve grown into myself more. I’m more confident in my looks (I mean, checkout that shot of the jeans.haha) and personality. I’m more sure of myself and my beliefs than I’ve ever been before. It’s a cool feeling to finally be all-around okay with myself as a person.

So I’m 33 years old today, and birthdays don’t bother me. I’ll take each and every birthday I can get. I hope that God blesses me with many more birthdays to celebrate with my loved ones. It’s okay to get older, and to enjoy the ride.

PS–somebody remind me of this post when I hit 40, just in case I need it.haha



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