Six Year Blogiversary + the #1 Thing Blogging Has Taught Me

Y’all, I know the world is more than a little crazy right now (understatement of the year???). In fact, for all my fellow Stranger Things fans, it feels a little like the Upside Down. Today, however, is a special day that I have to recognize. Yes, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s also my six year blogiversary!!!

green polka dot ruffled wrap dress // heels (similar green splurge option) // Sugarfix pearl ear crawlers c/o // Kendra Scott Poppy necklace

When I started my blog six years ago, I don’t know that I still expected to be blogging six years later. Blogging has evolved so much since then, as has this little blog. If you want a good laugh (since we all need one right now), go back and look at my first blog posts from back in 2014. You’ll be lol’ing.

As with any endeavor of this magnitude, you learn things along the way. . .things about yourself and things about others. These are life lessons that can be applied in all areas of life. Looking back, though, one lesson stands out. The number one thing blogging blogging has taught me is that you have to start somewhere.

You can’t wait for things to be perfect to start something you’ve been wanting to do. You can’t wait until the stars align. You can’t wait until you have a thousand dollars worth of equipment or until you have the most amazing setup. You just have to start with what you got and do it.

Now, if you’re a perfectionist like me, that’s hard. SO HARD. But if you wait until you have everything you think you need, you’ll never start. Just jump in and don’t hold back! You will build and develop the things you need along the way, whether it’s equipment or a skill set. Since starting this blog, both Chauncey and I have become proficient in web development and photography. I’ve learned my way through affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. I almost speak a second language now when it comes to influencer marketing.

And guess what? I’m still learning as I go, six years later. And that’s okay, because I started. So I want to encourage you that if you’re waiting to start something, just go for it! Especially right now, while people are stuck at home when they would otherwise be on the go. Take advantage of this time to do something you’ve wanted to do but haven’t you haven’t yet. For me, I’m going to try to do more video content, because that something I’m not as confident in.

Thank you so incredibly much for supporting my blog over the past six years. I truly appreciate each pageview and comment. Here’s to many more years–cheers!

Now, I can’t end this post without touching on current events. I hope y’all are staying safe out there. And I hope that during this time, you’ll support small businesses both in your local area and online, because they’re going to need it to pull through. Keep an eye on my Instagram stories for small businesses I’m supporting during this time.

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