Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Kids

As a kid, I loved Valentine’s Day! It always seemed magical. I remember one time, I got a bear in a balloon and it was the coolest! So when Chauncey and I had Kane, of course got him a Valentine’s Day gift. The tradition has continued over the years, and I always look forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with my kids.

It actually wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I realized not everyone celebrated Valentine’s Day with their kids. I know that some people see it as a romantic holiday, and some people see it as a commercial holiday. But I see it as a day to add a little extra magic into the everyday. Love, in every form, is something to be celebrated.

Plus, I think it’s healthy to show your kids that self worth and love aren’t tied just to romantic relationships. Nobody should feel bad because they don’t have a partner on Valentine’s Day, so I want the kids to grow up celebrating more than that for Valentine’s Day.

You don’t even have to buy gifts to make Valentine’s Day special for kids. Here’s some ideas for how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with kids. Based on your own plans, you can celebrate early.

1. Tell your kids happy Valentine’s Day!

2. Give them a Valentine’s Day card (homemade cards work just as well).

3. Make a special treat for them. Think brownies with red and white sprinkles, cookies, or even a little cake. You can also swing by the store and grab a treat if you’re not the type to bake.

4. Plan a special dinner for your kids. Put their favorites on the menu, cut their sandwiches into hearts, or add food dye to some pasta.

5. Make a Valentine’s Day craft together. It doesn’t have to be fancy—break out the markers, construction paper, and glitter.

The most important thing is that you can use this as an opportunity to spend time together and make your child feel loved. It doesn’t take some big production to make kids feel special.

I took Kane and Karoline out for the cutest hot chocolate drinks at The Amsden this weekend. They had fun seeing the cute setup and getting their drinks. We’ll do little gifts and some candy for them too on Valentine’s Day. Whatever you do, just have fun!

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