Karoline’s Third Birthday Photography Session

On March 1, Karoline turned three. While I’m so sad she’s growing up this quickly, it also makes my heart smile to see the little person she has become. She has such a strong personality that we call her Tif v2.0, if that tells you anything.haha

CASUAL BIRTHDAY OUTFIT: birthday party hat with interchangeable numbers // Frozen birthday shirt // glitter leggings // oddler white Mary Janes–$20

DRESSY BIRTHDAY OUTFIT: The Beaufort Bonnet Company Cindy Lou Sash Dress in Belvedere Blooms // toddler white Mary Janes–$20 // Bitty Bows Boutique c/o

BABY DOLL: American Girl Doll Bitty Baby // Baby Doll Dress: The Beaufort Bonnet Company (sold out)

Karoline’s second birthday was one of the last normal things we did before the pandemic–her birthday party and her birthday pictures. It was the calm before the storm. We knew about coronavirus, but it really hadn’t touched the lives of the majority of the US yet. We didn’t know it, but we were on the precipice of our entire lives changing.

It’s crazy to think about Karoline’s entire third year. Year Three was SUCH a contrast to Year Two. Karoline was at home for a solid five and a half months, versus being in daycare since she was 13 weeks old. With where she was developmentally, it was weird to see the changes in her coming out of daycare and then going back in. When she turned two, she could talk some, but being at home with us really sped up her speech development. Now, to listen to her talk, you would think she’s a teenager.

At her three year old checkup, she was right at 38 inches tall and around 34 pounds. She used to be on the more petite side, but she has shot up since Christmastime. But her feet are still tiny–she’s in-between a size 7 and 8, which is the same size my nephew, who’s a year younger, is in. Oh, and her hair finally came in! Karoline has a beautiful head of red hair that falls somewhere in the dark strawberry blonde range.

Karoline conquered potty training this year (finally). I thought I was going to be changing her diaper until she was an adult.haha She knew when she had to go to the potty, but she just wouldn’t. It was very frustrating as a parent. Finally, she woke up one morning a few weeks before her birthday and decided she was going to pee in the potty. It may have helped that I refused to let her wear her diaper the day before and she purposefully peed her pants four times.haha

Other things I don’t want to forget: When it comes to characters loves Frozen, Baby Shark, Boss Baby, and Henry Danger. She calls waffles “wockles,” and honestly, I’ll probably never call them anything else. She loves her baby dolls, super tiny toys, and anything of Kane’s she’s not supposed to have. And she always finds super tiny pieces of things that she calls “treasures.”

I hope Year 4 is even better:)

Photos by Amanda Hacker Photography.

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