Closet Organization Solutions for Small Spaces

Our townhouse has small closets, and small closets and close hoarders don’t mix.  And after having the luxury of a bigger walk-in closet, closet space is #1 on my must-have list for our next house. Right now,  I share the closet in our master bedroom with my son (I have also taken over the hall closet.  Hubby is relegated to the guest bedroom closet).  So what’s a girl to do?  Get creative!  The only issue is that home organization can become expensive very quickly, but I have some picks that won’t break the bank.  Warning: my closet is still full, but it’s now organized chaos! 

If you need advice on how to get your closet clean enough to even starting organizing, you can read my post here for a checklist of what to do!
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1. Add wire shelving.  You can buy different sizes of wire shelving, and then cut those into pieces that fits your closet.  If you go this route, you will probably also need some end capsbrackets,  and other hardware.   Still, you’re probably looking at around $25 to transform your closet if it is small.  My closet is probably 5 or 6 feet wide, and started out with just 1 wire shelf across the back.  I added 1 wire shelf on the left side up high, then 2 wire shelves on the right side (think enough space to hand 2 rows of shirts).  I also added wire shelving all along the top of my closet, over the original shelving, to store my purses.  
2. Switch to slim velvet hangers.  When your closet is small, every millimeter of space counts, because it adds up and can equal a lot of lost space.  That’s why I made the switch to slim velvet hangers.  I put it off for a long time because of pricing, but Sam’s Club had packs of 35 hangers for only $10!  I know Costco also used to have a very similar deal.  If you’re not a Sam’s Club member, you can search online for a free one-day pass–you just pay an extra 10% on your purchase. That’s the best deal I have found on them, but I found a pack of 20 hangers here for $8.99.   These have made such a different in making the most of my tiny space!
As you can see above, I still have a few hangers left to switch over.
3. Use storage bins/cubes.  I have found several inexpensive storage solutions lately at Target.  First, these fabric cubes (listed online for $6.99, but the ones shown below are the same brand and came in 2 packs for $9.99) are perfect for storing my pants/skirts.   They’re meant to be used for the hanging storage and the cube storage shelves, but I’ve found that they do a great job simply free-standing.
I use this bigger fabric bin to store my camis in, and this plastic bin to store my scarves in (link is to the larger size, shown below is the medium size).
These storage solutions help me keep my items organized and off the closet floor (are you guilty of the toss-and-pile storage method?).    The sum total of all of the bins/cubes shown is less than $40!  
Are you having small closet woes?  Have you found any creative storage solutions for your small spaces?  Let me know in the comments below!

0 thoughts on “Closet Organization Solutions for Small Spaces

  1. Tif @ Bright on a Budget

    Thanks, Della! In our next home, where we hopefully have way more closet space, I hope to rip out whatever's in the closet and start over with my own system, using the items mentioned above. My main concern is the cost of it all–some closet systems are SOO expensive.

  2. SprinkledWithPearls

    This is exactly what I needed! I am not even kidding, this weekend I looked at my closet and thought about posting a pic of it so I can ask for advice on how to organize my closet. I definitely need to invest in those slim velvet hangers. One of my biggest issues is shoes. I have a shoe rack, but it only holds 12 pairs, so the rest just end up scattered on the floor… any advice?


  3. Kat

    There's nothing I love more than an organized closet! I'm still working on getting mine all set up in our new house, but am hoping to share once it's complete (fingers crossed that it's sooner rather than later!).


  4. Caitlin

    That's a wonderful idea to add the wire shelving! I will look into that. Our closets are extremely small, so I'm always looking for better ways to organize. I've used some of the command hooks on the side walls too for hats and scarves.

    I love the bins, too! I need to get some to keep my shelves more organized.

    Caitlin @ Coffee with Caitlin

  5. garaytreasures

    Neat arrangement and great solutions. Thanks for the tips Tif. Goodnes you have alit of clothes haha. When we lived in a townhouse my hubby had the guest closet too. I wanted to invite you to link up to my link up "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me" which is now live, each week I choose my favorite 5 to feature. Would love to have ya sometime. Rachel xo

  6. ktcupoftea

    Love the velvet hangers! We were using nice wooden hangers. They were great! But too bulky for my needs. I also found my lightweight cloths slipped off. So the velvet hangers are nice for more delicate items.

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  7. PolkaDottyPlace

    I've always wanted to convert my closet to those nice hangers!! I've always used Olive's closet for holiday decorations and put her clothes in a dresser. Gives me more closet space and she doesn't know the difference (for now :). I've lived in places with big closets and zero closets. It agree that storage space is key when you're house shopping.


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