Documenting My Pregnancy with Karoline: Weekly Bump Pictures

Karoline turns one tomorrow! I can’t believe it!!! I’ve been reminiscing all this week, and decided that I was finally ready to share all of my weekly bump pictures that I took while I was pregnant. The majority of these have never been shared before.

I hear so many pregnancy women say they don’t want to document their pregnancy with bump pictures. I always encourage them to do it anyways! You may not feel like it, you may look like a hot mess, but you will never get these moments back. I’m so thankful that I’ve taken time to document both of my pregnancies this way.


  1. Set a weekly alarm to take a bump pic.
  2. Pick a place where you can take the same picture every week. There’s a few weeks where my pic isn’t in front of my garage door, but that’s okay. . .
  3. If you take you picture in different places, make sure it’s the same camera angle.
  4. Always pose the same–facing the same direction, etc.
  5. Jot down special memories and milestones. My blog was a great resource for this!
  6. Do it even when you don’t feel like it.
  7. Chalkboards are too much to keep up with when you’re pregnant–use an app to pop on the week instead! (I did a chalkboard my first pregnancy and dreading doing my pic every week.)

I hope y’all enjoy this walk down memory lane!

Weekly Bump Pictures with writing and fruit, pregnancy week-by-week Weekly Bump Pictures with writing and fruit, pregnancy week-by-week

I know I’ll look back on this post for the rest of my life, and savor these photos. I chose to do fruit comparisons, because every week, Kane and I would look at my pregnancy apps together to see how big Karoline was compared to fruit. The photo stickers I have are from the Baby Stickers app, but they were missing week 34 in the fruit for some reason (fair warning).

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