High Five for Friday 01.02.15

TGIF!!!  Happy 1st Friday of 2015!  I hope you all had wonderful New Year’s celebrations.  We kept it low key by staying home, ordering a pizza, and watching the ball drop:)  In light of the new year, I thought I’d do my #H54F a little different this week, and do my favorite things from 2014.  Here’s a recap of my year:

1. I started this blog!  I had been wanting to do a blog for a long time, but fear was standing in my way.  I was afraid that no one would read it.  Sometimes it’s scary to chase your dreams, but you have to put the fear behind you and just do it!  I’m so thankful for all of the absolutely awesome people I have connected with–my fellow bloggers, my readers, my social media followers.  Thank YOU for helping to make this happen!!!  Below is the first design of the blog.  It has evolved so much since March.  You can read my very 1st post here.
2. Kane celebrated his 1st birthday!  Being a mom is all that I ever imagined and more.  There’s nothing more precious than when Kane gives me a hug and a kiss.  He’s so sweet (most of the time.haha).  And now he’s almost 19 months old.  Time flies.
3. Chauncey and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary.  The past 5 years have been fun, but a little tough at times.  When I look back at where we started, and how far we’ve come, I’m sure there’s nothing we can’t accomplish with each other at our side!
4. After 9.5 years, I finally finished my education!!!  Thanks for all of your encouragement along the way and congratulations when I reached the finish line!
5. I found my new favorite vacation destination– Folly Beach and Charleston, SC.  I was lucky enough to go twice this year, and I hope to go back soon!
How’s YOUR week been?  Find any good deals?  Have something totally awesome happen? Let me know in the comments below! 

0 thoughts on “High Five for Friday 01.02.15

  1. PolkaDottyPlace

    What a wonderful year!! Congrats on being done with school. I'm sure that's an exciting milestone to have behind you. Hope 2015 is great to your family and that you get to head back to the beach another time or two. Glad you started your blog because it's been fun getting to know you 🙂

  2. Holly Gilbert

    Your year sounds like it's been great! Congrats on starting your blog and finishing school! What an amazing accomplishment! Best wishes to you and your family in 2015! I love the beach too! I've never been to Folly Beach, but it looks beautiful!

  3. Tif @ Bright on a Budget

    Holly, I love the atmosphere of Folly Beach more than anything:) My year has been great–I always try to focus on the positives! Thanks so much for your well wishes. I hope you and your family has an amazing 2015!


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