High Five for Friday 01.13.17: Snow + an Anniversary

TGIF, H54F-ers!!! Della at Della Devoted, Katie at Cup of Tea, and myself want to welcome you to the High Five for Friday link-up and the weekend. We made it!

This week’s featured blogger is Amanda from Cupcake N Dreams is a lifestyle blog that also has fun travel posts.  Her post about a weekend getaway to Geneva, Switzerland really gets my travel bug to itching. And her list of must-have travel essentials is spot-on!

Now, let’s recap this week’s highlights:

1. Chauncey and I celebrated our 14 year dating anniversary! Other than him leaving all of my clothes behind in Lexington, it went pretty well.haha We actually headed home that morning and ended up having dinner at one of my favorite restaurants back home.  It was a cold night and we were seated right by the fire!

2. Kane got to play in snow and loved it!  He even took his dinosaurs out to play in it.  We threw some snowballs too.  I absolutely adore the picture of him above that my mom took.

3. When we got back to Lexington on Sunday, we had to run out and shoot blog pics. Afterwards, we grabbed dinner at Goodfellas Distillery.  We love Goodfellas Pizza, and they just opened a restaurant and bar in the Distillery District here in Lexington.  The atmosphere of the new place is stellar!

4. I survived Week 1 of Weight Watchers.

5. I tackled a huge pile of clean laundry and got it all hung up or folder.  I felt like super woman by the time I was finished. Laundry is such a necessary evil.

Also, I’d appreciate your prayers for Kane.  Kane has to have eye surgery on his good eye in the new few months–the muscle is pulling that eye up and causing major vision problems. In preparation for surgery, Kane will be patching the good eye for 2 hours per day until his surgery to try to build strength in the other eye.  If you’ve had any experience with patching, I’d love to hear about your experience and any other tips or tricks you may have!

And I’m having an online LipSense party through tomorrow! You can join in the fun here and find out what it’s all about!!! Warning–it’s pretty amazing:)

ICYMI, here’s this week’s posts:
1. LuLaRoe Madison Skirt for Winter (+ $20 OTK boots!)

Thanks for joining us for H54F!  Be sure to link-up below and/or let us know how your week’s been in the comments!

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36 thoughts on “High Five for Friday 01.13.17: Snow + an Anniversary

  1. Sierra

    Happy Friday, girl! 14 years that’s awesome! Your story sounds similar to my husband’s and I. We started dating in HS too. I love hearing about long term relationships. Kane is too cute! These boys and their dinosaurs and paw patrol. Have a great weekend! Beautifully Candid

  2. Meg Bucher

    Prayers for your sweet little boy, Kane! Keep us in the loop on how he’s doing. My favorite from the week is that skirt! It’s getting harder and harder to resist the LuLaRoe temptation! Happy Friday!!

  3. Trista ~

    Prayers for Kane!! And congrats on the anniversary! And surviving the first week of WW. That’s huge. It does get easier! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Whitney Jordan

    Praying for Kane (and you!) with his upcoming eye surgery. I’m sure the patching will be frustrating for him at first, but hopefully the time will pass quickly and you’ll see improvement in his eyes.

  5. Jess

    Poor Kane! I’ve never had eye surgery or anything, but I’ve had pretty terrible vision since I was 6, so I feel for the guy. I hope it all goes well! <3 And that picture of him in the snow is so precious!

  6. Ashley Spykerman

    I will keep Kane in my prayers. I hope all goes well for him. Your outfit pictures are gorgeous! Have a great weekend!

  7. Ashley

    The hubby and I went to the Distillery District about a month ago for the first time, and we were so sad we’ve been missing out on such a cool spot! We only ventured to Crank & Boom but we definitely can’t wait to go back!


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