How to Customize a Denim Jacket

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The 90’s called and wanted their jean jacket back, but I let it go to voicemail, which I never listen to.haha Denim jackets are back with a vengeance, and the more customized, the better. I’ve seen denim jackets painted, embroidered, and bedazzled. But the easiest way to get that customized jean jacket look is to go with iron-on patches. My Kind of Lovely, a cute little boutique out of Knoxville, Tennessee, set up a denim jacket customization station at The Blog Societies Conference. They did my jacket for me, but this is such an easy DIY to recreate. Here’s how to customize a denim jacket in under 10 minutes!

denim jacket–$35 + patches // dress // crossbody (smaller version on sale) // seed bead bracelets c/o // necklace // loafers c/o–on sale for almost 40% off rn! // sunglasses


STEP 1: Choose a denim jacket.

You can clearly do this with any denim jacket laying around. I chose one with no distressing, because I wanted the patches to be the focus. When it came to color, I wanted one that wasn’t too dark and wasn’t too light, so that I could mix it with various other jean pieces. At $35, this denim jacket is just right for customization.

STEP 2: Add iron-on patches.

Iron-on patches are so cheap–the pack I linked above that will help you to recreate my look is just $8. Here’s a larger pack (wit some sequined iron-on patches) for $13. You can also look on Etsy. You will want to place them in clusters of two or three. Another idea is to toss a random patch on somewhere–you can’t see it, but there’s a single pizza patch on the back of my jacket towards the bottom. Or you can go all out and add 10-15 patches in a cluster on the center of the back. And tip: if the iron-on patches won’t actually iron-on well, use fabric glue instead.

STEP 3: Add a pin or two.

Don’t forget to grab any pins you have laying around! I picked up this La Croix pin at the same event. Those are great for popping on pockets and collars.

How simple is that?! Once you’ve customized your jacket, you can wear it with everything. Here, I’ve paired it with a floral midi dress, and it definitely lends it a cool girl vibe.


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