It’s My Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to me!  Fun fact–I was actually born on Election Day 28 years ago today (in my heart I’m only 25).  The past year has been a great one:

1. I started this blog!  This has been a long-standing dream of mine and I’m glad to have accomplished my goal!
Original banner.
2. Chauncey and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary!
Hyman’s in Charleston, SC.
3. Kane celebrated his 1st birthday!
Photo Credit: Dakota Maynard Photography.  Photo used with permission.
4. I got to take a girls’ trip with some of my best friends.
5. I lived another year:)
6. I’ve grown in my role as an attorney. 
7. The Cats went to the National Championship–if only we would have won!
8. The Steelers may not be having the best season, but we still have more Super Bowl wins than anyone else.
9. My housekeeping skills have somewhat improved.  Slightly.
10. My kitties are becoming great cuddlers now that they’re jealous of Kane.
11. Lexington finally got a Cheesecake Factory, where I’m hopefully eating at tonight.
12. I’m blessed beyond measure and surrounded by the best family and friends ever.
Now, I have 3 posts scheduled for this week– (1) a Younique review and giveaway, (2) a Wardrobe Re-Wear featuring the must-have blanket scarf and one of my blogging buddies, and (3) my weekly #H54F post–but they’ll start tomorrow.  Today, we celebrate my birthday and VOTE!!!


0 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday!!!

  1. PolkaDottyPlace

    Happy Birthday!! You could totally pass for 25 🙂 It's been a great year at your house. I hope the next year is just as wonderful. Enjoy some cheesecake and a week of birthday fun!!

  2. ktcupoftea

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!! Love all your yearly highlights. You had me chuckling when you mentioned the Cheesecake Factory. It made your Top 12! 🙂

    Katie @ Cup of Tea


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