Must-Have Dupe for My Favorite Sandals + Why I Don’t Buy Knockoffs

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If you’ve been following along for awhile, then you know I’m all about mixing price points. I share many afforable pieces, but I also like to mix in some high-end pieces as well. This includes my all-time favorite sandals, the Tory Burch Miller sandals. They’re more of an investment piece at around $200 a pair, but they hold up really, really well. And I wear them non-stop during the summertime. Now, I typically tend to buy mine in the $99-150 price range when they’re on sale, but it’s still a lot of money. So I’m very happy to share that I have found an incredible dupe for the Tory Burch Miller sandals at a fraction of the cost!

Vineyard Vines for Target midi dress // sandals (also here for $30) // earrings c/o // charm bracelet c/o // necklace // clutch c/o

I was browsing around Macy’s site when I came across these sandals on sale for $30 . They looked strikingly similar in make to the Tory Burch Miller sandals, with the main differences being material and the second strap on the sides. It’s the Circus by Sam Edelman Canyon sandal, and it comes in a multitude of colors. I’m partial to light blue, so I decided to try out the sandals.

Y’all, I got this Vineyard Vines for Target dress and my sandals in on the same day, and I immediately changed into both of them for an event I was heading yo at Springhouse Gardens. I was afraid that the sandals would be uncomfortable, but boy was I wrong! These sandals have more cushion on the soles than the Tory Burch Miller sandals do, and they’re very comfortable. If you’re a Tory Burch Millers fan, then you should know the sizing and fit are very similar. Overall, I’m very pleased with these sandals. They are a great, affordable dupe for the Tory Burch Miller sandals, and I highly recommend snagging a pair! Now, the price has gone back up on the Macy’s website, but keep your eye out because they’re always have sales. But even at $50, they’re an awesome alternative.

You may be asking yourself what’s the difference between a dupe and a knockoff. A dupe is an item that is very similar to a designer item, but it’s not a fake copy. A knockoff is a replica of a designer item that is intended to be passed off as the actual designer item, with identical/similar logos, etc, also known as counterfeit goods. I love finding good dupes, but I will not buy knockoffs now. Not only are they typically not great quality (there are some exceptions), but they hurt brands who invest tons of money into their branding and products. Knockoffs are actually illegal. To use these sandals as an example–while they look very similar to Tory Burch Millers, they are a dupe because they’re not exact and they’re not using the Tory Burch logo. A knockoff would be a pair of sandals that use the Tory Burch logo with minor differences and look identical, but aren’t.

Now, with this Vineyard Vines for Target dress, I took a medium in it. I think it’s very TTS if you follow the sizing guide. The midi length and ruffles are so pretty on the white dress, and the little ribbon belt pulls the look together.

I kept my jewelry simple but bold with some of my new fav pieces from Kendra Scott. My earrings and bracelet are what Kane and Chauncey picked out for me for Mother’s Day. If you’re in Lex, stop by the shop at The Summit at Fritz Farm and checkout their new arrivals. These are the pieces I’ve been reaching for on a daily basis, and I also have my eyes on these earrings.

Do you like finding dupe pieces, or do you prefer the high-end item?



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