Parenting During a Pandemic: Soaking Up the Little Moments

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Parenting can be difficult during normal times. Parenting during a pandemic is off-the-wall nuts. Parents everywhere are trying to keep their heads above water, myself included. I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when the school year was over. I don’t know about you, but now, as we approach a new school year, the weight seems to be settling back in on my shoulders. But during this time, I’m trying to take time to soak up the little moments with my children.

As parents who do not typically stay-at-home with our children, this is an opportunity that many of us may not ever have again. I’ve officially been at home with my children longer than any maternity leave. Yes, it’s been difficult, but I wouldn’t change that for anything. I know that years down the road, my children aren’t going to remember the fear and uncertainty of this time. They’re going to remember how awesome it was to be home with us. Kane woke up one morning and said that he was so happy to be at home with us, and it just really put things into perspective for me.

Life has slowed down. My family is no longer go-go-go. We are spending more quality time together. I want to remember these little moments that we didn’t “have time” for before. I don’t want to rush from one place to the next. I want to soak it all in, to preserve this moment in time. In conscientiously doing so, I’m more able to be in the moment.

Chronicle the things your children are doing right now. You should take lots of pictures and videos. More importantly, participate. Play with your children. Create with your children. Hold your children.

Karoline: The Beaufort Bonnet Company seashell bonnet (different pattern) // smocked bubble

Kane: tropical t-shirt // pull-on shorts

These pictures are from our recent beach vacation. It was a vacation unlike any other, since we basically went back and forth between a private pool and the beach. I spent lots of time looking for shark teeth with Kane (we came up empty handed). I watched as Karoline became comfortable swimming in the pool (she started out just floating and not really moving). Kane tried boogie-boarding. It was just the best time, because we were able to soak in the little moments.

In the midst of this pandemic, I hope that you can learn to appreciate these moments with your children. I know parenting is exhausting right now. I know it’s hard. But we have to remember that we still have to “show up” as parents. By working to soak in the little moments and make memories, it has allowed me to find joy in the craziness and anxiousness.

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